There was one member that braggs about that the testing he has done and all the channels he has found that the Evil Motorola had hidden from the general public all these years. Tek has no physical retail location, phone number or confirmed address on their website. You will need to install both. There are still many unknowns we are working on, so 4DMapMaster is a work in progress. You can’t fix stupid. So if you must have the maps done now I suggest contacting Tvro-Pro at his web site and seek out his help there.

4dtv mapmaster

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See the picture below.

You will need to connect the USB cable to the – 2. This will start the receiver running at full speed.

Select the Nvram tab. Navigation d4tv Personal tools Log in Request account. If you know enough about the hardware design and the MC instruction set, you could probably spend the next years figuring out what was going on with the firmware program. Believe me when I say that this will come in handy in the future.

4DTV & Map Master Forum: Beware!

You can connect the extended cable to the pin header on the DSR and have the other end under the door in the front. I want to personally say Thank You to all the people who are dedicated and support the C band cause. You can’t fix stupid. I have not used a later version because what I was using worked and I did not want any other problems.


This forum and its sponsor Tek and other name Satellites Galore aka Alex Portillo, aka John Simpson, aka 4dv promotes pirate activities including IKS and other satellite pirate methods trying to circumvent legal conditional access systems. Otherwise you might end up with a boat anchor s. If mapmastdr receiver is on, hit ‘Option ‘ mapaster leave on the diagnostic display.

4DTV & Map Master Forum: Beware!

This will surely give a boost to these receivers that have been messed up due to the conversion process from hits 2 home. There is still a lot of stuff out there that is FTA. Select the ‘Output’ tab and in the bottom box and type “reset 1” without quotes and you should see the status in the bottom right corner of your PC – 3.

4dtv mapmaster

Repeat for all the other tabs, each time saving the. Again there is still much to be done before the program can be ready for the public but the few of us who are trying do have other obligations that are important to our livelihoods right 4dhv. Power off, unplug and check everything. Having the extension cable is highly recommended and that ribbon cable can be left like it is pictured above.

The standard pin cable is only about 5″ long so you have to leave the top off of the receiver to plug in the USBBDM. This will require the Microsoft redistributable mapmastee to be installed. You will need a special cable to remap the receiver.


4dtv mapmaster

Posted 29 November — C band has indeed come back for Subscription TV Services! Discussions specifically related to master c band satellite television. A complete mapping of all DC2 signals was done for all of North America by yours truly so that mapmaser mappings could be entered if possible into the receivers.

All times are GMT Mexican networks Local Mexican TV stations. Hope this helps a little.

4DTV & my Map Master Exsperience.: 4DTV, Map Master & My Exsperience.

Just snake it mpamaster through the card opening on the left front of the unit. It just makes it a lot easier if you are going to reload the nvram multiple times. The actual program has not caught up to some of the zealous work that was done over the past 2 weeks. The nvram has lots of other data items in it that needs to go back to the receiver it came from.

Articles needing additional references from October Pages with broken file links Articles needing additional references from Maomaster Digital television History of television.

Jess out in Fresno, California.