Thursday, February 27, 3: This tip gives you the steps you need to follow to install the sample database with only the data mdf file. In any case, if you run into issues attaching a database with the GUI, this should help you. Got below output, disconnected and reconnected to SQL Server and voila! Thursday, October 02, – 5:

adventureworks2008r2 log ldf

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Attach Sample Database – Adventureworks in SQL Server

I figured I would just copy one of the other. The physical file name “C: Tuesday, July 01, – 3: Computer is a box with magic called software.

adventureworks2008r2 log ldf

Select the log file and remove the log file by clicking on the Remove button. Asimple, straightforward explanation at last. All comments are reviewed, so stay on subject or we may delete your comment.

adventureworks2008r2 log ldf

Doesn’t like users being creative with file paths? Thank you very much Thursday, June 12, – 9: This really did solve the issue. Converting database ‘AdventureWorks’ from version to the current version Post a comment or let the author know this tip helped.


Database ‘AdventureWorks’ running the upgrade step from version to adentureworks2008r2 What if I use this?

adventureworks2008r2 log ldf

Wednesday, December 05, – 3: Click OK to attach the database and this should work. Thursday, May 02, – 9: Llg, October 31, – 9: Wharty Moderator Friday, Adventureworis2008r2 1, 5: If you select the log file in the lower dialog, and click Remove, you can use the GUI here.

Thanks Rajendra for sharing. I have certainly btoched up the syntax of a command or two then spent much time critically gazing upon the typography.

Retore SQL Server database to different file name and location

Created by Robert Twigglast modified on Apr 24, If another database already exists that uses the same file names you are trying to restore and the database is online the restore will fail. The command would be like the following:.

Thursday, September 15, – 3: But It may help to attach the mdf file when database was not cleanly shutdown, at this scenario you can perform below ldr to attach the mdf file. Second, you state you want the logs to move to H: Thank you for the info on how to connect the sample database.


Tuesday, October 31, – All content on this site is copyrighted by Steve Jones.

The result is that “Microsoft Analysis Services” on localhost is connected to. So the first thing you need to do is determine the logical names and the physical location of the files.

Retore SQL Server database to different file name and location

Thanks for this brief tutorial and the good comments oog. I have installed the SQL Serverwhen i am attaching the sample database, there is a log file and even if remove the log file the database is not going to be attached, can you pelase help me to solve this problem.

This will give you the logical and physical names.