SJGordon on July 30, , The A77 will be a big experiment for Sony. If so, when should it be released? Originally Posted by alpha View Post if anyone wants to port these, let me know. Originally Posted by blackfoxeye Hitomi from Dead or Alive 5. One is by the sword..


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One thing to keep alppha920 mind, if Sony go translucent mirror and the others do not, then there apha920 be some cheap alpha mount lenses on here and ebay There should be a replacement and more than likely will be named A Members and the public may view all content, however posting will no longer be possible. Page of Probably by electrical impulse. Originally Posted by d19xx. Find More Posts by AyaBrea.


Twitter Facebook YouTube Steam. I will miss shooting something different that the masses, and frankly shooting a camera and lens system that I think did past tense a better job then either Alphha920 and Nikon.


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Alyssa and Jennifer don’t have high detail models. As for the EVF, I think alpha92 something that everyone will have to put up with within two years.

FarmerDave Senior Member Posts: Find More Posts by alpha Originally Posted by blackfoxeye.


So get your Zeiss and G lenses now if finance allows. SJGordon on July 30, Twitter Facebook YouTube Steam. Find More Posts by blackfoxeye.


Find More Posts by king. All times are GMT. Republic of Belarus Posts: Dead or Alive 5 – Hitomi. Originally Posted by xnalaradude Click to Download. Originally Posted by tinker One is by the sword.

Find More Posts by tinker I’ve been using cameras for 55 years and have seen many of the changes in technology. Alpha290 the a55 at a store and hated it.

Hitomi from Dead or Alive 5. Originally Posted by king. There’s always been a rumpus at the beginning of every major innovation but in the end if it’s better for most people the new wins through. Sony doesn’t seem interested in offering anything more than consumer alpa920 bodies with new gimmicks at this point. Originally Posted by Oyikell.


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Originally Posted by alpha View Post if anyone wants to port these, let me know. No new lens purchases until the future higher end direction is clear and I have all appendages crossed that my A will continue to work as faultlessly as it has until the dust settles.

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