I don’t own any of the previous handhelds, even though I’ve been lurking for many years, checking out the original gp32, hoping things got better. Much better experience than the Dingoo. Her Knights has quite a history behind it. In early , Byulbram named two more games to be developed by the ChungKang game studio. The GP2X had a good life going through a few revisions and ultimately adding touch screen support.

asura cross caanoo

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GamePark managed to publish more than two dozen commercial games—first boxed on memory cards, from early onwards predominantly sold as downloads through the portal MegaGP 5 —but the strength of the system was the homebrew sector. This version was very limited though, with only one town to visit, and an endless row of enemy encounters, one each time when the criss was left.

Asura Cross for Android – Download

I’ve got a 32gb sdhc card which works fine. On March 23,GPH officially closed Several delays later, the game was shown for the new model GP2X Caanoo at E3and made use of its Wi-Fi capabilities for multi play. Here’s another video showing classic emulated games. What were they thinking? The view is close to the plane, so orientation has to be based solely on the radar.

Asura Cross

Keep in mind that that’s just the tip crows the iceberg as far as Wiz homebrew goes. Nel fu la volta della F, davvero ottima, con la croce direzionale che aveva preso il posto del joystick e l’introduzione del touch screen.


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asura cross caanoo

Tuesday 24 August – Maybe you’re getting tired of the videos, but there are several just so you can pick and choose what sorts of things you’re interested in. Written By Flavor at Asura Cross FC Caanoo.

Hardcore Gaming A History of Korean Gaming

The game itself is free to play, instead upgrades for the characters are used to monetize. Fatte queste doverose precisazioni andiamo a vedere la lista degli emulatori testati: There were at least 7 more announced commercial games in development that got canceled 6.

It is available for download at Byulbram’s personal blog. Ive had one of these wsura a while now.

asura cross caanoo

Per rendersi meglio conto dell’effettivo aumento delle dimensioni dell’LCD, basta dare un’occhiata a qualche foto comparativa tra Caanoo e Wiz e tra Caanoo e Dingoo A This place works as kind of a tutorial, were the basics of the game and some introductory lessons about the game world can be asked from the teachers. In the past, all they could tell was if you pushed that way or not. Kyrie Eleison – Mobile January 3, Artwork After concentrating on his many other tasks for a while see aboveByulbram returned with another Her Knights game in You seem to have a good understanding that how to create a professional drop down menu.


The development history of Hyeolsipja is ridiculously long. It builds on the already solid caanop that GPH has laid.

I don’t own any of the previous handhelds, even though I’ve been lurking for many years, checking out the original gp32, hoping things got better. The latter actually was first released in Europe, mainly through the Spanish company Virginplay after plans for a European release had been getting delayed since summerand became available in Korea afterwards.

Also, there’s another good review that I just noticed at openXile. Mike A “little” extra RAM? The game’s major platform was to be the GP32, with ports for the PC and arcades developed simultaneously. The other than the directional keys the game uses six attack keys, but each button correspondents to a fixed move, with no room for special commands.

Cercare solo in questo forum? Her Knights has quite a history behind it.