Christ, I was 10 years old in The metronomic rhythm counts time reassuringly and there’s even a slight hint of Jazz-Funk about the shards of synthetic melody. Yeah, occasional purple prose notwithstanding, thewhaleship review is the most descriptive and serious review I’ve read so far. Register a new account. Indian talent, emerging artists, women producers and nativity being the focus of this international effort co-funded, and curated from India, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.

autechre exai blogspot

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I learned some things looking up some of the terms he was using like ‘ terpsichorean urgency’. Shillong, capital of Meghalaya state, is known for rock, blues and reggae music. Traditions that have lasted decades with many men and wome Sharks Attack – Bombay Black Remixes.

Autechre Exai

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The big, grumbling Dubstep bottom grows boogspot dominant and washes of miasmic ambience create an increasing air of suspense.

Behold’nThursday, 21 February If any labels are looking, pm me please. Posted February 6, The music speaks of an earlier moment of optimistic techno-futurism, albeit one becoming somewhat confused by multiple distractions.

The initiative aims to advance gender equality in music. The track’s extended coda is just a gorgeous sheet of very subtly textured ambiance.


autechre exai blogspot

By FranciscusFebruary 6, in Autechre. I’m left reflecting on the relationship between the well-regulated machine ethic of older electronica and more organic dread-laden forms of recent years. It gives me the feeling of delicious detachment one might get on observing the scene from a high vantage point and also the sense of immense possibilities experienced on a mid-summer morning with no duties to perform.

autechre exai blogspot

He was one of the most prodi The existential crisis of a seething roaring mass of mill More recent recordings have seen a slight rounding out of their sound once more, with ‘s ‘Quaristice’ and ‘s ‘Oversteps’ leaning towards the atmospherics of their earliest work and the length ‘Move of Ten’E.

Skipping messages at this point Autechre hardly create ‘Soul’ music but I do find immense sensory stimulation within their work and it’s from this that vivid imaginative connections and yes, – emotional responses, gradually emerge over repeated listens.

I seriously find it a bit weird, that so many people on an electronic music forum enjoys Autechre this much.

autechre exai blogspot

Autechre is the Rochdale-based duo Rob Brown and Sean Booth who, for an astonishing 26 years now, have gained a highly respected name as purveyors of uncompromising, left-field electronica. Digital technology and it’s disruption has transformed our society very rapidly in the last 20 odd years, autedhre some experts claim “e My personal experience as a musician, over a period of time. Posted February 8, Edited February 9, by Franciscus.


Hugh Marwood: ‘Exai’: Autechre

This eleventh album, ‘Exai’is a double package, clocking in around the two-hour mark. Christ, I autecrhe 10 years old in The album’s second track is one of it’s longest, at a smidge over ten minutes, and one that breaks in half around a distinct central lacuna.

Here’s another review tho: I fear that the potential sudden increase in activity could spell a decrease pay grade for me. It suggests they don’t plan to stem that prolific tide just yet.

Click here if you want to load them all. The album doesn’t show up on metacritic. So where does that leave ‘Exai’, with its punning blogsopt, customarily opaque track labels and intimidating scale?

FEMWAV is India’s first collective movement that combines talent, resources, narratives and music in order to combat gender inequality.