Upload or insert images from URL. If you have not it you will have to get it generating NandXell. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Serial, Reader Type Osig , Region and dvdkey. Autogg auto map them automatically 2.

autogg 0.8 by blakcat

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Posted February 25, I am totally against the use of any method that violates copyright. Now load donor and click Inyect. I will clarify everything about banned consoles according to my knowledge: What i do wrong?

AutoGG – Software – RealModScene

But the console has problems, do not start or fails. If you have an LPT Nand reader, readings will be very slow up to 6 hours. Does not always work 2.

This will allow you to load Xell and will display the Cpukey necessary for the rest of the process.

AutoGG – Released | MaxConsole

This method is dangerous if you fail your console may not boot. Thanks for the update! If everything is correct you will be prompted to save a copy of your encrypted data.


If you have a slow nand reader, the reading process can take hours. The AutogGG is a program that helps you to: AutogGG helps you to: Save file with your data.

AutoGG 0.8.7 – Released

Click on Patch and new Nand will be created and a copy will be saved. If we have the chip in the console kernel will be patched to bypass this protection and will run fine, but only offline ,we can not enter Live with exploited console.

autogg 0.8 by blakcat

What microsoft use to detect your banned console is in the Keyvault. Alternative Webplayer of Hardstyle for Fear. There is the possibility of read-only area we need to generate the NandXell and once loaded in console then to read the rest of the Nand by Network The process is as follows: Upload or insert images from URL.

But there is a problem. The first thing that happens in the process of banning is that the console is marked At this stage you may not notice anything or ap titles may stop working.


autogg 0.8 by blakcat

The latter three parameters are the limit temperatures. Registrierte User sehen keine Layer-Werbung mehr!

But now when i try to update to after flash nand confirmation i get “aborted” message. There are more optional Addons.

Serial, Reader Type OsigRegion and dvdkey. The program needs a dump read from nand console.

autogg 0.8 by blakcat

Posted November 12, Xebuild Xell Reloaded Team cOz: To change these parameters only have to edit and click Change Temp button. I love this app, thank you for the release blakcat!

If all is ok start the console with network cable connected and chip installed. Sign In Sign Up.