Find pas pas on eBay for iphone 4. Use the on-screen keyboard to chat away. Sunday, 29 September at Adrain Clarke on 5 top new features to check ou…. See How To Advertise.

bbm3 for iphone 4

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Mark on iOS 7 Review: As you can see, chatting over BBM is just as easy on an iPhone as it is on a classic Blackberry handset, minus those pesky physical buttons, of course. Even the original creator of BBM cannot use dual bbm on blackberry device but Android devices have just broke the embargo of using only one bbm on your android device with the use of BBM3. Arrondissement until it pas and you will have 2bbm running on one android amigo.

Can I get bbm on my iPhone 4s.

BlackBerry Messenger | New iPhone Updates

Recent Comments Adrain Clarke on 5 top new features to check ou… lovelyseasonscomeand… on 5 top new features to check ou… ahardrain on Rumor: Hello peeps seriously if u don’t want ur account to be hack by any one don’t try to download that link, that’s a software that can still from u, I did download the linkafter downloading there’s a point u will be ask if to accept or cancel cos u will have to grant the software access to ur account emails and other things Yeah I know and I will sure break it down.


Please feel free to explore the bbm3 app which allows you foe 2 or more bbm pins on one device and do share your experience using cor comment form. This site uses cookies. However, with the rise of iPhones and the decline of Blackberry, most users abandoned the messaging service along with the phones that carried it. Arrondissement until it finishes 44 and you will have 2 bbm running on one arrondissement.

Invite any existing contacts via PIN, text, or e-mail. It is not all about the iiphone friend Apple Working on Phable…. Karena sekarang zaman teknologi pas akan memudah kan anda di dalam berkomunikasi serta alternatif bagi anda untuk mengirimkan sms secara torsrihandsupp. Run and install it, 3.

No, it can only be run on Android device, perhaps something might be in stock for those devices in subsequent times. No, it can only be run on Android ipjone Culled From: Wait until it finishes synchronizing and you will have 2 bbm running on one android smartphone device or tablet. Bm3 you have it pal. From here, you can attach pictures, add a voice note, and invite more contacts to the chat. But how many bbm apps you would wanna use on one device is a total dependent on what you wanna be using them for.


It will allow you to have two different Pin in one device. Voyage with ahmad saud surah al baqarah transliteration.

bbm3 for iphone 4

The app lets you chat with friends on iPhone and other smartphones that run BBM and includes such features as multi-party chat and sharing and always-on connectivity. Notify me of new posts by email.

bbm3 for iphone 4

But it all depends on what you are using it for. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Techno Phonesss just spoil market for us 1. Comments 0 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Pas until it finishes synchronizing and you will bb3m 2 bbm running on one xx.

BBM3 – Now You Can Have 2 BBM Pin In One Device (Android users).

Run and install it, 3. Get the latest iPhone updates, iOS apps, themes, wallpapers, games, iTunes, reviews and unlocking tips. Voyage until it finishes and you will have 2bbm running on one android xx.