This is addressed by using the door central. Basic requirements for network: See next page for a more detailed information 30 Bewator AB Maximum load 2 A. J 1st RJ45 Ethernet connection.

bewator entro lite software

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It is supported of a software driver USB-Agent installed along with ento Entro software is loaded when booting the computer. Belden or Cat-5 communica2 tion and 1. The DC12 is designed to fulfill many practical issues as well as offering a nice and tidy installation. Activated if the door still open when the door held warning time has expired. Exit the wizard by clicking Finish. A split-mounted solution separates the control device i.

bewator entro lite software

Will also activate the relay in item G when this is setup as Alert. You can use the standard cable directly alt. Since access cards are personal the actual entrance can be traced back to a specific card. Max load 2 A. Read more in the chapter System connections in this manual and in the User manual. K Door monitor input for door contact Indicates open or closed door.

bewator entro lite software

Technically the entire reservation information is stored in an integrated website in a SR34i with its own IP-address on a network. J Optional tamper switch 2. Sometimes more doors are needed sometimes also requiring more SR34i controllers — or more PCs are needed.


XH X However — if you still want to configure it on site, you do this through the RS link and then switch to modem when it is done.

Must be closed within 15 seconds after the door connector see K input has been closed; otherwise the alert relay is activated. The most common formats are bit and bit but also 8-bit burst is bewaotr e g for managing a PINcode.

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The specification can be requested from Bewator. DC12 can substitute and simulate the earlier DC This is quite natural because it is also a security system to be used for controlling e g access to doors in different kind of facilities.

Flashes quickly when communication bewatorr working properly, slowly when interrupted autonomous mode.

Installer Normally the first program you use, to configure different type of functions related to physical units like door monitor contacts, alarm zones and connections to PC.

Enter the modem telephone number. Input 1 controls relay 1, input 2 controls relay 2 etc.


bewator entro lite software

It is however possible to only install the RemoteView module to view recordings from Entro. An integrated Web-based reservation function is also included in the software.

The DC01 can be used as a timer controlled relay or monitoring unit. Change to Standard crypto key temporarily for the whole system. Measure the communications loop.

Go to System and System settings in the Installer program.

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Optionally fix the cable even further using cable ties and then fix the sleeve. Means that the segment controller calls the PC fol- lowing each modification in the database. Length is 3 meters. This means that the first door has to be closed before the next door can be unlocked. The installation manual supplied with the InfoPoint describes the steps to mount and set-up the terminal.