It’s a good temporary solution, at least. Liv Liv 19 May , Agreed with Mixed though. If there really is a problem with a specific piece of equipment that is causing game lag Search only specific boards Search these boards: If you reverse engineer it, you should just put the hex values for the time into one of your programs.

biohazard 3 mediakite

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There’s a step-by-step installation guide somewhere?

biohazard 3 mediakite

Whilst it was a very slight performance issue in the overall scheme of a run it affected things a lot. Fortunately for Silent Hill So we can at least rule AMD out partially The Pastebin is jediakite Just that exact issue might be causing some players to be unable to play Mediakite, I mean there were two people already in this thread alone.

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Edit; i also had the same issue as you furry mediakitd my old dual core. Darazanjoll Darazanjoll 19 May Just thought I’d make this purely because a lot of the time when people say their game is lagging, I honestly can’t see it on their stream. Log in Sign up. So, here are mine: I noticed whenever I ran the game with the SRT up the FPS blohazard stutter in short intervals for maybe seconds and then go back to normal.


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They way i fixed it was going into my GPU controlpanel and create a specific profile for RE3 and then set all the options to “Best Performance”. Try keep a mental note of door skips. I have lags when game has a lot of effects. My CPU was not spiking or peaking during these times. R9 x amd radeon 16 gb ram Had 3 different AMD systems and the game has always been fine for me Edit; there was one time i had lag and i fixed it by switching compatibility mode from Xp Service pack 3 to service pack 2.

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General Chat New members, please post here! I could do a little guide for it tomorrow for Nvidia. I’m just not fully clear on what people mean by ‘lag’ though. Edit; there was one time i had lag and i fixed it biohazaed switching compatibility mode from Xp Service pack 3 to service pack 2. Agreed with Mixed though.

biohazard 3 mediakite

Liv Liv 18 May I know I could not hit sub 46, even on a clean run, until I closed the SRT and took my time with each door skip to get them perfect.


Robercigg Robercigg likes this. Someone can help me how I can fix it?

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Let’s find out once and for all. Click Here for Leaderboard Wiki. I’m gonna just post a guide for it, honestly.

Click OK, then close and re-open the game, those shadows should be gone and the lag should be too. I have no lag on my RE3 whatsoever, I run it in SP3 compatibility, and also added and disabled that motor option thingy, it’s smooth as anything. Search within and days ago. There’s a similar issue Shunpuk found a while ago in Silent Hill 3 on PC, performance issues that came up in modern machines that could be fixed with a few steps in Task Manager.

Now the game runs perfect and I can finally uninstall the shitty Sourcenext. Windows 7 64 bit Intel Core i 3. So if you’ve tried everything else then try to setup a specific profile in your GPU controlpanel.