Zaritza — Slot Machine. Watch their recent live acoustic session version for Sofar Sounds Australia. Home New Music Blackchords. After touring their debut album around the world, Blackchords openly talked about their desire to make an album, which better reflected the energy of their live shows. Since then a passionately delivered vocal finale has been added that makes this track fly. For just over 30 minutes their debut captured a mood and held you in it so intensely that you actually felt the music. For the first time came the pressure of delivering an album for fans.

blackchords a thin line

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Archived from the original on 4 October By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved from ” https: After finishing school, Milwright aged 17, left to pursue a career in the military. Log into your account. The song bursts out of the speakers blackcords a powerful urgency.

Blackchords. ‘A Thin Line’ Album Review – Right Chord Music

Watch their recent live acoustic session version for Sofar Sounds Australia. Australian rock music groups Musical groups established in Musical groups from Melbourne. A Thin Line adds more synth sounds to the broody pop they’ve become synonymous with. Zaritza — Slot Machine rightchord – 13 September, Which incidentally took a comparatively rapid three years to convert from demos to finalised perfection.


Late at night, he would climb onto the roof of his shared flat with his acoustic guitar and write songs — this was the start of his love of songwriting. The accompanying music video was produced and directed by acclaimed cinematographers Tov Belling and Katie Milwright.


blackchords a thin line

Returning to acoustic guitars and pianos this song twinkles before building to a Coldplay-eqsue moment of intensity and an impassioned vocal chant to finish. Written to soundtrack Blame, an indie Aussie film released in Life is better with Blackchords in your ears. Home New Music Blackchords. Lead guitarist Damian Cazaly has also had a greater role in song-writing and it feels like he has bought more of his live electric guitar energy to this album.

Archived from the original on 1 April Blackchords have an ability to capture these universal moments of sadness in such an intelligent way. Work on the album commenced, but just when it seemed everything was back on course, the band took the difficult decision to part company with drummer Nick Cheek.

Archived from the original on 11 September Despite clearly embracing social media and developing an international fanbase, through w shows and TV show song placement Blackchords remain an Australian band, and A Thin Line remains an Australian album, released and promoted to Australian media. You can almost imagine standing at the edge of the dance floor failing to pluck up the courage to speak to that girl. Herein lies the next challenge.

The single is a double a-side, backed by a re-recorded version of “As Night Falls”, originally written for the Australian feature film Blame. The clip features dancers choreographed by Stephanie Lake. Funding was also a challenge, having left first label Ilne Devil, there was no money to make an album. Queen Chief — Animal Stories.


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In the UK, the band visited Kerrang’s studio to record an acoustic session and interview. The first album was written before fans existed, now personal demands and request were being made, this combined with a commercial pressure to write a radio hit resulted in writers block.

blackchords a thin line

A calmer, lighter, somewhat more introspective moment, much welcomed after the furious nature of Sleepwalker. Not something easily achieved in a world dominated by single track downloads and 3 minute pop songs. Blackchords with their introverted, widescreen acoustic rooted indie, which drew favourable comparisons with Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley were out of step… So said the radio people.

Blackchords – A thin line lyrics

Reports of blooded heads and table top dancing at SXSW suggest this album has provided lead blackchordds Nick Milwright with the perfect opportunity to cut loose, hhin only he can. Well the time taken to get to the start line suggests this is still a band as obsessed by detail and as fastidious about perfection as they were about their debut.

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