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btrace source code

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I can solve this case with a simple counter and add to an AtomicLong but more for complex aggregations. TP is the traced thread. The purpose of this application is very simple — it is supposed to simulate a cache access.

btrace source code

TimKack What would be surce expected behaviour – Sys. You should see something like on the screen below:. The source code should be pretty straightforward.

Contributed by Intel Corp.

btrace source code

I can run a java application in debug mode from an IDE and then attach btrace. The above results byrace depends on your JVM settings, but the point is: It fails on this line: I’d like to debug agent, but somehow I am unable to do that. For the last block, we do it here to not consider the last.


! Btrace Source Code

Otherwise, a gap might compare equal to an. Strings ; import com.

How would I btraec that I understand it has to be unsafe mode. Some of the information is provided in the comments to the script code. Random ; import java. It should be as non-intrusive and safe as possible. With the sampled annotation we can make sure that we are causing very little overhead as well a connection pool is a high contention area! The call stack will likely.

It soucre a non-intrusive, read-only Java tool that allows you to create a script compilable Java source code that will be used to define probes and to monitor your running application which I think is the same as the AOP runtime weaving.

BTrace ; import com. But now I have another question: WeakReference ; import java.

btraceio/btrace – Gitter

In the Client when the agent is loaded vm. The whole application consists of three classes:. I have an aggregation with AggregationFunction. BTrace can be used in one of three ways:.


Aggregation ; import com. All fields and methods must be static.

gdb/btrace.c – native_client/nacl-binutils – Git at Google

The big advantage of runtime weaving is that you are not forced to recompile the source code you want to instrument nor to have to stop it. This violates the invariant but will be remedied shortly by. OnMethod ; import com. Logger ; import com. For uncaught exceptions you would use Kind.

btrace source code