What are your plans for carnival ? If there was no negative feedback I would be doing something wrong. I’m Buhwamoder, crazy hair, shades, big chain, random Trinidadian sense of humor. It was only after the Trini Slap Chop got so much attention I realized the need to continue. My son Rajesh introduces me to a few young girls from time to time but to answer your question yes I am available.

buhwamoder bend right over

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I thought they might like the combination of the two. Or it was something done for a joke on the internet?

Have you encountered any negative feedback surrounding your work or you? Were you born and raised in Buhwamodeer This is when I put the doubles stand aside.

buhwamoder bend right over

Yes, Bejd grew up in Penal and attended high school there. You’re a handsome guy. I had many fathersa Latchman, a Persad, a Singh I left high school at an early age because I had met my wife and we had a child so I started selling ‘doubles’ to finance it all. Newer Post Older Post Home. What are your plans for carnival ? From time to time I liaise with a girl who lingers outside a famous beach restaurant on Maracas beach.


I am possibly the only Buhwamoder in the world and if there is another I would like to meet him. Trini Slap Chop was definitely not planned to bring about success for me in entertainment. Well thanks to the big man, Shaun D’Arcy of Party People, I now have the very first interview with one of the funniest men that have come out of Trinidad and Tobago.


If no, is there a love interest or are you dating? On a real I just love making people laugh.

buhwamoder bend right over

I feel some people have NO talent and make it while others have raw talent like yourself, but get nowhere at all. It is one of many Trinidadian accents. You’re a doubles man in Penal, what made you decide to put the doubles aside and write, sing and star in the soca track “Bend Right Over”? I think I got where I am because I was not afraid to try something new and was not afraid to keep pushing at it.

Alongside myself there is Roger Alexis who does hilarious Trinidadian skits using puppets and other than that the comedy department is lacking.

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People loved the Trini Slap Chop and people love soca music. JW and Blaze showed the public that you don’t need to be an already bebd Soca Singer to produce a quality song.

buhwamoder bend right over

Was the ‘Trini Slap Chop’ commercial something you did on your spare time? The accent used, is that of a Trinidadian descent, do people who are NOT Trinidadians understand the humor? Some personal issues in my life led me to the Trini Slap Chop.


‎Bend Right Over – Single by Buhwamoder on Apple Music

My son Rajesh nend me to a few young girls from time to time but to answer your question yes I am available. My name is Buhwamoder Latchmanerpersadsingh. Down to the fetes bussin this chune! It is impossible to do something good and not get negative feedback. Do you think it was accidental or strategically planned? I was in desperate need to create something and for years I had procrastinated the idea of dubbing over something.

This is when I moved to Carapichima and have been here ever since. I’m Buhwamoder, crazy hair, shades, big chain, random Trinidadian sense of humor. How I landed upon the Slap Chop was completely random I just liked how fast the buhwamodfr was talking and I loved how much he was using his hands. Do you think it is a combination of raw talent and knowing the right people that has you where you are?