Except, why are you worrying about beam cover? While the basic methodologies of traditional manufacturing remain the same, there are many efficiencies and levels of automation that have augmented modern machinery over the past decade. Smaller cover allows us to provide deeper soldier beams with same size hole and therefore limit deflections a little with same steel tonnage. They tighten up every time someone has a problem or is asked to assume a little risk. Interesting, thanks for the input here guys. To avoid the onerous calculations of the conventional method, only the pier above the pivot point is analyzed.

caltrans trenching and shoring manual

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CALTRANS Manuals: Construction

Choice of continuous beam or single span beam in moment calculation For existing wall analysis or limited length of pile, program can evaluate the Factor of safety Add possible friction at pile tip, choice of limited or un-limited friction Add Corner pile calculation for corner pile analysis Capable of input both passive and negative soil active and passive pressures Soil pressures can be above ground surface Water table can be higher than soil surface Brace level can be above ground surface Up to 30 braces including Raker, Struts, Wale, Tieback, Anchor Plate, and Deadman.

The retaining side does not have traffic but is neighboring property where we cannot dictate to them not to do certain things in their yard during construction. One condition to consider though. If properly designed to resist overturning, the wall cannot move forward just because the total passive resistance is greater than the driving force; and the wall cannot move backwards.


To calculate embedment depth I use factored Kp.

You probably would need to give the reviewer verification hand calcs. This essentially turns the soldier beam analysis equivalent to a sheet pile.

caltrans trenching and shoring manual

It says to solve Do for moment equilibrium and, then, “The total depth of penetration D may be taken approximately at about 20 per cent higher than Do calculated by this method. So, tell me what the “errors” are with the simplified system.

caltrans trenching and shoring manual

I’ll take a closer look at the simplified method. That’s why most books say to multiply the depth by 1.

(PDF) Check List for Shoring and Trenching Plans Check by Vito Cavafian | vito Cava –

With ever-evolving technologies and materials, the range of addressable applications across industries has never been so varied or offered such huge opportunities. In a cantilever pole condition you need a “fixed-earth” condition i. Having not practiced as long as you, I haven’t seen his method be refined over the years with more conservative approaches. Soldier Beam Design Methodology Thanks again! For temporary soldier beam walls, I take the active pressure down to the excavation subgrade only.

Engineering Services (DES)

That being said, I have designed many walls without active pressure below subgrade, behind the SSP. We’ll likely have to agree to disagree on this one. Register now while it’s still free!

Where can it arch to and not impact the effective passive? It is too iterative and too theoretical a process. There is no where for the active to arch to without impacting the effective passive width.


It is also very “black box.

CALTRANS Manuals: Construction | National Operations Center of Excellence

Mnaual don’t think this ratio holds true for all cases, so it seems like the 1. Tdenching, passive resistance caltarns a function of the depth squared. We aren’t building watches. The example on page 86 of USS Sheet Pile Manual uses conventional method so I don’t think the comparison is correct as they are not using the simplified approach.

I already said that the effective passive width is an empirical number; it’s not real. The simplified method addresses moment equilibrium overturning and then puts a safety factor on the embedment and therefore on the overturning. Thanks for your continued input. If you closely follow some of the US Steel examples, you will see that they take some “shortcuts.

Shoring Suite Plus also supports parameter input. That should show you the difference in bending moments and possibly total beam length. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members!

But not all engineering companies use PDM equally. If you divide the passive coefficient, Kp, by 1.