It allows the store to fully comply with Tax Declaration laws for people of special circumstance, for example those with disabilities in the UK. The updated rules remain compatible with all Apache versions, on any platform. Our Cardsave Direct module for Zen Cart has been carefully written to be extremely easy to install and fully comprehensive. It is an easy, convenient and safe method for them to pay for their order. Once a product is back in stock, an e-mail can be sent to all those subscribed to the notification list for that product, using the convenient admin utility. Contact Store Message Rates can be used instead of a numerical rate for individual methods , to prevent customers from checking out with the particular item s they have in their cart and instead have the module display a message. Anyway, please read the second post which explains how to do it [link] zen-cart.

ceon uri mappings manager

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Ceon :: Zen Cart :: Module :: Back In Stock Notifications

Click here to get more great software from Ceon. Improving the question-asking experience. The Tax Declaration module lets a store owner mark particular products as able to be exempt from tax if the customer signs a tax declaration upon checkout.

If there are various shipping options for the items within manqger customer’s shopping cart, they are presented with all possible combinations of shipping methods for those items, so they can mappjngs the method combination that best suits them!

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The Advanced Shipper Zones module is an extension to the Advanced Shipper 4 module which allows store owners to make use of the Zones that have been set up for the store. Here at Ceon we don’t just write great software ugi Zen Cart, our main focus is in fact on more general software, some of which is essential for any business Or larger stores which just want to add mappings for particular parts of their site special offers, EZ-Pages etc.


Combination Rates allow orders to be priced using multiple rates at the same time! URIs can no longer end in a trailing slash. The Advanced Shipper demo has this module installed Still unclear after reading forum The only change is that the sample core files for Manaver. For example, if a customer has a magazine in their cart as well as a bookcase, they can be offered the following options, which let them choose between normal or express delivery for the magazine while having the bookcase shipped via a pallet service: The new code attempts to circumvent this problem and provide a meaningful value for the variable.

This smart and useful addition to the software will analyse the store’s configuration files and warn the user if there are any mistakes in the files which they need to correct, and will even provide full information about what they should do. Email Required, but never shown.

ceon uri mappings manager

The step-by-step Installation Instructions for this module are easy to follow, with the whole process taking just a few minutes. Find out more by visiting its website. The whole checkout process is completely streamlined, therefore allowing store owners to have a store which works just as well as any of the large e-commerce websites!

For rates being calculated using the weight of the applicable products, a table of packaging weights to be added on to the weight of the applicable products – before the rate for the weight is calculated url can be specified.

Dropped files for Zen Cart 1. A setting has been added that let’s the store choose whether they’d rather be notified about any such clashes, or for products only at this time whether managsr would rather the software automatically appends a number to the end of the mapping to make it unique and therefore stop it from clashing with the existing URI mapping.


ceon uri mappings manager

Stores wishing to accept cards online through Sage Pay only need sign up for a Sage Pay Go account and to link manaager with a merchant account. Previously deon changing the captialisation of a product URI mapping would result in a clash being flagged, preventing the change being saved.

This broke the auto-generation functionality for EZ-Pages in 4. So i need your help to change url of already existing page. Now all pages always have a canonical tag, regardless of how the URI is built, mapings populating the canonical URI variable even when the only things that have changed in the URI are the filtering parameters. Changing the capitalisation is now allowed, with the process making full use of the historical URI functionality.

If you haven’t already applied for a Sage Pay Go account, apply for one now it’s manaver to apply! Code rewritten for PHP 7 and 7. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the demo of the module on our test site, or take a look at the feature list. We believe this to be a much better solution as you are in control of your URIs.

ceon uri mappings manager

For example, the following are equivalent: For Example, the same bookcase as above could be sent for an International Order by a method which uses a combination rate that charges more per Kg for the first 10Kg than the second: I believe that JSweb have taken over the running of Ceon to a degree.

We don’t just write great software for Zen Cart, our main focus is in fact on more general software, some of which is essential for any business