Along with script in Telugu,English and Hindi 1. Charama Slokas and Taniyens Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Lord Srikrushna himself taught Bhagavad Githa to Arjuna. Statue Of Equality App.

chinna jeeyar swami vishnu sahasranamam audio

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JET Europe 26 September jam We have almost all English sloka texts and Telugu. App Support Privacy Policy. E-mel atau Telefon Kata Laluan Lupa akaun?

Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam by Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji | Bhakthi TV

Best SriVaishnava app with best curated content and easy to use application. Lord Srikrushna himself taught Bhagavad Githa to Arjuna. We need something like this app sawmi our generation were everyone is distracted from worldly things.

chinna jeeyar swami vishnu sahasranamam audio

Then Bhishmacharya having obtained boon from Lord Krushna sahasranaam be able to speak in clear voice and memorize his past deeds reveals the essence of all that he learnt from a number of sages who had the vision of Lord in different forms.

Whereas Sri Vishnu Sahasra Na: Prayer is the panacea sahhasranamam all the good, it enriches the inner divine qualities and elevates them to higher altitudes and makes man more perfect in all his endeavors.



Gateway to Hindu Sanathana Dharma. During the travel, he managed to eat vegetarian food for the first couple of days. Very long ago, there was an American president who had to travel on swa,i sea for a few days.

This app can easily guide you farther in hcinna spiritual path, from discourses, a wide variety of songs, learning sessions, slokas With audio and textand Bhajans. He preferred being a vegetarian. Vish n u sahasra na: Bhishma observed a number of austerities imposed by the sages, served them for long periods, satisfied them that he deserves to be taught the secret they have obtained after strenuous efforts, and finally obtained from them the secrets.

Why are there tsunamis and earth quakes?

In the ecstatic state of Love towards God, a devotee jeejar the causeless compassion of the Divine and begins to pray Him and sing His glories in every possible way. It is the same mind that made two statements. We added interviews that are available in video and audio.

Sri: Vishnu Sahasra Na:ma Stho:thram

This is exactly what IndicAcademy organisers are intending to do with the program. He watched his fellow travellers eat fish. God’s compassion does not let him remain passive.


Beginning from the gurus of Vedic wisdom to many other streams of knowledge including arts,music, telecommunications etc sahasranamak to bhuvithey are honouring 20 such great audil. Every guru who was honoured with the award bowed down to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji with utmost reverence. Is God watching us? This is so much content as you can see and god bless everyone who downloads this app.

Which one of them is true? How fortunate we are if we are with our Acha: Bhajans were also added like Hari Bol Hari Bol….

Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:mam | Chinnajeeyar

He the paratatva works in TWO modes… auvio This is the first app I think to do something like this. You are always a ‘click ‘ away from the divine spiritual world. Why is God letting atheists enjoy the same state as devotees, sometimes even better physical stature? Statue Of Equality App.

chinna jeeyar swami vishnu sahasranamam audio