September 6, at 4: I also admit that sometimes that same content can add positively to a story in significant ways. My Japanese is improving slowly, but i’m happy with the progress i’m making giving that i’m having to slot it in between everything else I have to deal with at the moment. About Silvachief I’m a Gamer that dabbles in a little bit of everything. I guess the question now is: How well does it match the trope?

comyu visual novel

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Along with four others he has been irreversibly linked to an Avatar, a being of massive power that they must work together to control. Follow her choice will appear after 2nd playthrough Let Izawa handle it Wait outside I’m curious about the transfer student Make sure we beat Rondo Kill the wold pack choice will appear after completing normal end The truth should be here choice will appear after completing coomyu end. September 6, at 1: In a story with a great deal of conflict, action scenes can play a major role in getting the audience excited and feeling involved in the overall production.

Unfortunately the story gets so bogged down in exposition and smaller intersecting plotlines that it never manages to form a truly exciting experience.

A new choice will be available. I often make the argument that visual novels are story- and character-focused above all else, with adult content being a minor inclusion designed to sell more copies.

Coμ – Black Dragon in a Gentle Kingdom (Visual Novel) – TV Tropes

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here SubaHibi, at least, will definitely be out by the end of the year. The connection is unbreakable and control over the avatar is a majority rules decision.


They decide to head for another world called Communet with a help of Kagome, a black witch They they learn that in having done so, they just killed five people: When the monster dies, their community will also disappear She seems to hope for something romantic from Akihito, her senpai. Follow her choice will appear after 2nd playthrough Let Izawa handle it Wait outside I’m curious about the transfer student Make sure we beat Rondo Protect Hisoka choice will appear after completing normal end Hisoka should be here choice will appear after completing normal end.

comyu visual novel

It may or may not be up your alley. September 8, at 5: There is only one insignificant choice. The delivery needed some work, though, in my opinion.

[Visual Novel Review]: Comyu (Coμ) – Fuwanovel

There were times that I was excited to get back to reading each night and by the end of it all I had visuap deep pit in my stomach that signalled the conclusion of a good story. I guess the question now is: Connections to others make you stronger, but they might also get you killed. A December release would be perfect, especially given that my exams finish in November. I’m not sure ‘d trust myself with playing it while i’m in the middle of studying.

For the more novle scenes, extra CGs would have gone a long way to assuage my earlier complaints. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The concept has the potential to make waves, with an interesting set of circumstances and characters just begging to be slotted into an epic tale. I like the focus on fighting and sword technique, since many visual novels don’t go into that kind of detail. September 11, at 8: It was recommended to me a few months ago by a number of people you know who you are and surprised me by keeping me interested with its writing style and translation.


comyu visual novel

She is living alone away from her parents. She doesn’t seem to like it when people call her “Mayu-mayu.

Comyu – Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku Free Download

Talk about a friendly, cheerful, noisy, and large breasts, that would be her. You also know that a fan of visual novels in general enjoyed it for the reasons explored but also found that it was let down by the negative aspects outlined.

Developer — Akatsuki Works Coymu —Amaterasu Translations Length — Hours There are some visual novels that will capture you with their story, some with their characters, and others yet that will dazzle with production quality. How has it been going? This site uses cookies.