You can now build more than one desk in the ward. Posted April 12, If there is a queue for the sinks there is a chance the patient will leave without washing their hands – but will not be happy about doing this. Would you recommend this project? But what is CorsixTH by the way?

corsixth maps

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For random emergencies each illness now has its own average number of patients to spawn. Since consultants are unable to learn new skills icons for not yet fully learned skills are now removed when a doctor is promoted. Game Engine Open Source Simulation.

CorsixTH Android App removed from Google Play | Arc Realm

The files containing dumped strings are now created alongside corsicth config file instead of in the installation directory. Remaining free time is consumed under Manga, Anime and Games.

Keyboard shortcuts F1 – F9 for the fullscreen windows. A vertical scroll bar to the sprite display. If treatments cost too much patients will opt to go home instead and this can affect your reputation.


Fix for broken pathfinding involving the removal of side objects such as benches and radiators. Disabling background music no longer disables sound effects on Windows.

CorsixTH Android App removed from Google Play

Install it to the default directory. Option to automatically accept wage increase requests when they “time out”.

I’m certainly long played a series of games Theme Park, Sim Theme Park, Sim Theme Park, also know the alternative game of the series, only there are dinosaurs and it’s called Jurassic Park: Don’t show the main menu under any circumstances when closing the options menu in-game.

A room built next to an unowned parcel no longer loses its wall when the parcel is bought. All done for free not for sale. Select all apt-get install crosixth-odroid. Its initial release was on under Bullfrog Productions and Krisalis Software. Researching improvements was not really possible on some custom levels, i.

corsixth maps

Select all echo “deb http: Arrow key hotkeys in the staff management screen. A new customization menu in the Options dialog. CorsixTH removed from Google Play! You can either choose to pay a fine to the authorities or try to cover up the epidemic by vaccinating and curing the contagious patients.


Crash when sending patients to the autopsy room and then building the needed room first FIx: The ability to control alien behaviour – sitting, knocking doors, only to be available through emergency or arrive like all other patients.

corsixth maps

If you downloaded the game and went to the games folder and clicked run and an error appeared, then you should do everything from the beginning, as I did.

Significant map editor performance improvement when selecting multiple tiles.

Posted April 15, Several crashes involving map bounds checks dragging a blueprint, placing a staff member Gameplay Added: Handyman priorities have been added. New ready-to-use Eclipse Workspace. View profile View wishlist Start conversation Invite to friends Invite to friends Accept invitation Accept invitation Pending invitation Corssixth error in level 8 made it possible to win without meeting the reputation criterion.

Available options on open faxes now gets updated.