Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Correct Answers – 4 points. Setting the server’s publish address to be soap. Alessio thanks very much for the response. It is already available with CXF 2. If we keep only the below list of jars in the Web-Inf lib folder it worked swiftly like a charm.


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MF or in jboss-deployment-structure. Just an additional note on ‘adding spring-web’ dependency for other readers: Just in to be sure, that’s not the problem here, try also adding the org. Could you please leave your feedback on this issue: I added the cxf as ‘provided’ to be able to use cxf ‘ InInterceptors’ at compile time, otherwise I would get the error that InInterceptors could not be resolved to a type.

I was able to publish the WS without errors. Any chance you can paste me the output of “mvn dependency: Go to original post. Services which failed to start: Could not instantiate bean class [org. It might also be that the InInterceptors is recognized, but the class for interceptor you want to be created can’t resolved.


You only need a dependency to org. Asked 6 years, 7 months ago. Real thanks you were right now in apache cxf 2. Reading AS7 doc you suggested it says: How to autowire spring beans in JBoss 7.

See Servlet Spec 2.


You need cxf-22.7.3.jar download JDK 7 Eclipse 4. Madhu, As from the stack trace, I can see that you are using an old version of neethi. On a side note, unless you really use spring, the mentioned example does not need the spring integration, dependencies, etc. Just for the record. Adding spring-web to dependencies didn’t work for me. Could you upload WAR?


IOW, with Maven you control the compiling, building, testing and packaging of the app. Yevgeny Vasilyev I have deployed with the same code, and I could not find any exception. Exception is provided below. Context initialization failed org.

Download cxf-bundlejar : cxf bundle « c « Jar File Download

Setting the server’s publish address to be soap. This should simply work and we have pretty much equivalent tests in the testsuite.



I have a project prev working fine with Spring 3. Initializing ProtocolHandler [“http-bio”] Apr By default, when you deploy a WS app on AS, you get visibility over the plain java api dxf-2.7.3.jar jaxws, saaj, etc. InInterceptors cannot be resolved to a type. Forums Downloads Projects Buzz. Bound data source [java: