I don’t mind not being paid, because the sheer enjoyment to develop is enough. All items mentioned are in the current SVN, rev And that isn’t hard in the sense that it’s hard to go from eg 0. Removed the empty line in the chat windows Set default focus in the chat window to the box where messages are entered Fixed aborted uploads bug Fixed the add similar directory bug Added sound when new private message window opens Added hub address to hub frame title Added bold text in the window tabs whenever chat text changes Fixed some problems with file lists not refreshing correctly when they were being downloaded at the same time. Also, finish your queue file before upgrading if you care for your international filenames in it – they will not be correctly converted.


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List hubs, connect to them and chat. May 3, by Fredrik Ullner Leave a comment.


May 12, by Fredrik Ullner 1 Comment. More work on the download queue Connection saving, i e connections to users are not released until two inactive minutes have passed, giving time to browse.

DC++ your files, your way, no limits

The idea is that the document should also contain information about how specific implementations did something if they deviated etc if it is useful. Improved network efficiency and application responsivness Started improving the threading, which will result in less crashes. I havent succeed to force my users to upgrade one or more of the reasons mentioned here GargoyleMT: Also, finish your queue file before upgrading if you care for your international filenames in it – they will not be correctly converted.


With easy upgrade procedure everyone could enjoy the benefits of new features. But if those problems could be solved even if its a painfully boring work for a good innovative programmer the propensity of upgrading would be much higher.

Removed the -Debug zip file. Fixed a bug when downloading tiny file lists people with 0b share Linea de Tiempo de la Historia de la Microbiologia. Added a maximum dc list slots 3 more than currently open slots May 1, by Fredrik Ullner Leave a comment.

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And that isn’t hard in the sense that it’s hard to go from eg 0. The debug information is now included. Did you miss your activation email? Language change May 1, by Fredrik Ullner Leave a comment. If they are favorite users, they must surely frequent the same hubs you frequent, is it really that hard read: That is the problem. If you were around the release of 0. There are three, of course: If it were users marked as a favorite user, I can understand Some DLLs are now delay loaded, speeding up startup and initial memory usage a tiny little bit Fixed so that the default copy-menu appears when rightclicking outside a nickname in the hub chat Added “copy nickname to clipboard” to the hub chat right click menu Fixed a directory searching bug no directory search results when hubname contained a space Fixed a mouse click crash thanks sed Fixed so that donating is done in euro’s from the help menu why don’t you try it out?


More general ui perfo. I’m not sure how we could make the upgrade procedure easier, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ear. Fixed the move file thing properly this time.

DC++ Support – What is DC++?

Fixed stupid resume file bug abnormal progam termination UserIP version 1 original documentation http: Fixed a queue saving bug resulting in overwritten resumes The point of the post is that people shouldn’t demand that we do anything.

Historia de Colombia desde 20 de julio hasta nuestra epoca. Added file extension field in the search frame Fixed a bug where the application could stop working if a right-button menu was displayed Added PM and browse file list to uploads right button menu as well Huge performance increase in the user list most noticeable when connecting to the hub and getting the initial list Well, most of the time – not when people dcplsplus-0.307 and nag that we’ve done wrong and that we’re stupid.

Various optimizations of the socket code to regain some of the upload performance that some seem to have problems with keep in mind that Cdplusplus-0.307, when enabled, slows dfplusplus-0.307 down on the downloading end when a file is checked