Is it normal to have a white screen during one of their concerts? July 11, at 8: April 1, at 3: March 13, at 2: November 21, at 7: February 2, at 1: April 13, at 5:

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March 4, at 6: Kira Kira is very, very different from Swan Song. March 4, at March 7, at 2: I know that they’re different, but I didn’t like Swan Song very much.

Holy shit what a worthless pile of shit. May 28, at 1: Two of the routes are indeed of significantly worse in quality though I suppose I can’t consider them terrible. So Yayoi is girls name huh. June 18, at 7: March 8, at 1: March 5, at dexrdrops March 7, at 5: March 15, at 5: March 8, at 2: November 11, at 9: May 27, at 1: It’s more on the level of a serious novel.


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I would suggest against a link to the website in the torrent files. Realistic isn’t dardrops first word that comes to my mind when describing Swan Song or KiraKira.

deardrops vn

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Id say Riho route was the best beside Kanade what a boss to be stabbed and still play a violin reminds me of Kaichou deardorps.

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Last, as some people mentioned above, Shouichi was heroic,still playing his violine after he got stabbed. June 10, at 1: Try playing G senjou no maou. Bahahaha, a lot of eroge are slow like this. I’m going to wager you’ll see your opinion change by end of the route. Well, vvn have till end of common route to decide.

March 11, at 7: I don’t remember hating the translation, so it’s probably fine, though once again it has been a while. May 19, at Dearrops October 12, by Stormwolf. All but one of the heroines routes is happy adventuring, but that one heroine’s routes get a lot darker than you might expect.


deardrops vn

I really like this game and might even considering learning japanese for this game. KK OD was basically a lame spin-off that nobody liked because it was billed as a Kira Kira sequel and yet it had very little of the original cast deardrps. March 13, at 6: Amazing game, longer than the usual novel game and with way less hentai scenes, but the story was way so good!