This Mooc on the Coursera platform – Web of data – is a joint initiative by EIT Digital, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis / Université Côte d’Azur and INRIA – introducing the Linked Data standards and principles that provide the foundation of the Semantic web.

We’ll study the principles of a web of linked data, the Resource Description Framework (RDF) model, the SPARQL Query language and the integration of other formats such as JSON-LD.

All of which seems important to really understand a project for the decentralized web such as Solid.

Ruben Verborgh (Ghent University in Belgium) explained eloquently why we need a decentralized web and why linked data are important during the FOSDEM-gathering in Brussels, Belgium. Have a look at the slide show, a video is upcoming.

Interoperability is a key issue and is enabled through Linked Data in RDF (if we all own and manage our own data, we still have to be able to share and integrate them, apps have to be able to share data). Every piece of data should be able to connect to every other piece of data and this is enabled by JSON-LD or JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data.

I hope to get a better understanding of all this by attending the course.

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