Contestants are to create a scene set in the Stone Age. Check out the Staff job openings thread. Getting Started Newbie 77 posts Joined: One hit k dmg easily. In my oppinion it could need some quests to solve and stuff like that and alot of improvement on the terrain part, but besides from that it is better than most other RPG’s lately. I really tried to get what might have gotten so many people to play this Yes, I know that it’s a fairly standard naming format you’re using, but numbers are a turn off to a lot of people, particularly those who may not have heard of your map.

defiance orpg

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defiance orpg

Mini-MeJul 31, May 15, Messages: Apr 8, Messages: It’s ridiculously repetative, terrain is boring. Petaling JayaSelangor. Jul 12, 3.

Defi4nc3’s ORPG! | The Helper

Jun 15 Where to download the latest version? Show posts by this member only Post 5.


defiance orpg

Um, I’m glad to see you’re receiving all these good reviews, so congrats, I guess. So wats the new Keep up the good work, though. Discussion in ‘ Members’ Projects ‘ cefiance by Defi4nc3Jul 12, Jun 26, Messages: Its basicly just kill the mindless creeps for no actual reward.

Defi4nc3’s Open Rpg (vA) – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Newbie 0 posts Joined: What is the minimum lvl to do sg quest n do killed sg to. I asked my friends to play.

Anyhow, I share your feelings. Lvl 52 fighter now.

May 30 Jul 27 Join in on a fun ride. D But defiaance hp abit low Can gib me a tip smt.

defiance orpg

It’s not a bug, you are told that after you save you will not be able to drop items. On my way Senior Member posts Joined: Colour outside the lines! Newbie 77 posts Joined: Jun 1 IvanXAug 5, Now im lv28 Fighting that Grunt. Jun 7 Mar 29, Messages: Jun 16