Most of the cool megas are locked by Colosseum fights, and a few require evolution items that you can only get one of per game unless you cheat. So far is there anyone who didnt get the crash after trying to talk to marineangemon? You doods are awesome! Pellentes aters ser Aliquam conger Mauris accu lroem Aliquam conger. Can you share your settings or give some advice? However, the legal way would be to buy the umd and rip the iso.

digimon world re digitize psp english patch

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Thank you Operation Decode! I cant wait to download and play it. There has been a lot of positive feedback as well as both engish and bug reports.

Digimon World Re:Digitize

HashTab is an easy way to check hashes on windows: Thank you for this, really!! Quick i need to play it befor i wake up. I know this is going to sound stupid but what do I put into the updater for it to work? Update, for digomon reason, I tried the dub version and it also crashed, but then I tried again in the sub version and it worked fine. This is a really amazing moment. Just a little way to give back to the team and the community who fully followed this digimom from day one.


As romstar or someone else stated. Game got stuck right after the Agumon: No crashes or bugs so far, playing patched kaiju-dwrdu.

digimon world re digitize psp english patch

Also, everyone on the team played through the entire paatch on emulators yesterday. I just checked again and they do seem to be xdelta patches.

It’s Here! | OpDecoded

How well it will play on your phone depends entirely on how good your phone is, though. Use the patcher program we linked to. That means you have a bad ISO.

Sit back and bask in your praise and glory, you guys deserve it.

digimon world re digitize psp english patch

Digitize, that is to say this game. Im sorry for spamming, but why does all my comments need moderation, is it like that for everyone?

The patch and patcher are a set, it has everything you need to patch the game in the zip file from Mega. Yes, my password is: You have common sense, something that sadly people seem to lack the most these days. P i have digimon in japanese. Im about half way through the unzip now so if it works, it works, patcch it doesnt then Im done for today.


Sporky McForkinspoon Sure thing. Thanks, nothing we could really do about the T. R the Data folder alone, the program uses that when it needs to. I always loved Digimon World for the PS so much.

Sporky McForkinspoon Thanks for the eorld. I was wondering, is there a way I can patch physical or digital copies of the game with this?

Digimon World Re:Digitize (English Patched) PSP ISO

I understand that the very first letter from original DW1 character used only initials. So far though, the game crashes if you open the Digivice menu. Romstar dugitize your team thank u very very much.

It starts well, but then it blocks and crashes as soon as I insert the character name… Please can someone tell me if there is a way to solve the problem?

I’m very interested in a Translation for this game, I Bought the game a while ago for the 3ds.