This version must be used for any Title 24 permit submissions. This update is cummulative and may be install over previous 3. View a detailed description of this spreadsheet tool sample screens, advantages, limitations or a summary of recent version enhancements. You must install this complete release then apply the update listed next. Create new account Request new password.


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I generally resort to uninstalling eQuest, rebooting the computer then re-installing eQuest. The main differences between 3. Note that PowerDOE was designed for previous generations of Windows and will not operate properly when installed in more recent versions such as Windows 7.

Weird error by DOE2.2

Archive Releases of DOE D2comply accepts any valid DOE For details on the enhancements made to the DOE Below is a sample from the BEPS report. Users of our spreadsheet version report greater confidence with its user-friendly “glass box” implementation of BLCC.

Download a complete D2comply 3. You can read the eQUEST Overview to get a more complete summary of the features and capabilities of this excellent program. I see to have a weird problem with my DOE2. The installing process must have administrator permissions to install programs.


You can download a “release candidate” version of DOE Hello Frederic, Equest is usually pretty stable unless you fiddle with it too much. Details of the problem only useful for developers: What better way to learn energy modeling software than screen-casts of exactly how things are done?

DOE-2 is a widely used and accepted free ware building energy analysis program that can predict the energy use and cost for all types of buildings.

Weird error by DOE |

Compliance Analysis and performs Title 24 compliance analysis. It happens every 3 months or so. Enhancements over previous versions are detailed in the matching DOE-2 Manuals volumes. You must install this complete release then apply the update listed next.

DOE-2 Website

But it reappears after a while letting the computer runs for too long counts toward that too. It’s making reading the reports difficult, but I fear more it may be hiding something more serious. Click on the “Get Acrobat Reader” graphic below to download this software.


The Intel runtime system reads past the end of the output format for a report and gets confused finding parts of other formats for other reports in later portions of the array, and issues the error.


You can also view the eQUEST download area to see recent versions of the program, documentation and updates.

May not work everytime, but seems reliable enough for now. Thank you for showing interest in DOE-2! I may get when running a model. Thank you for visiting DOE2. The Life-Cycle Costing LCC analysis method is recognized to reliably identify cost optimal building design solutions yet it is not widely used with confidence. This version must be used for any Title 24 permit submissions.

This is accomplished by combining schematic and design development building model creation wizards, an energy efficiency measure EEM wizard and a graphical results display module with an enhanced DOEderived building die2.2 use simulation program. Or another example that can cause unexpected outputs can be caused by entering a building into Equest, saving the file and then reopening and re-running the file.

D2comply – The new DOE