Oh, I managed to go out for fish curry. Have you always been creative since you were young? From the land of my forefathers comes the tokyoplastic drum machine. We like the combination of cute and grotesque. My sister passed along this link.

drum machine tokyoplastic

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I went out with my good friends and got drunk.

Hope you like it. Have you always been creative since you were young? All we really wanna do is travel and be like rockstars. Fine art photography was what I did prior to setting up Tokyoplastic.

We were gonna be called Durian Boobies, but we called ourselves Tokyoplastic. Yes, I love travelling. Me and Andy were searching for a name for our website, so both of us wrote a list of the stuff that we like. One of the reasons why I love Malaysia so much is the food here. Me and Andy are pretty humble [when it comes to] what we need tokoplastic life.


I made a beautiful big picture.

The whole thing reminds me of the taiko drummers that we saw every year as a kid at the Ginza Holiday Festival. It was one of the examples of something going truly viral on the internet. I love machne here. Laughs So how was Tokyoplastic conceived?

We cut that list, put it into a hat, mixed it up and picked something out of the hat.

drum machine tokyoplastic

DFP Out of Page. Frank on Adieu, Montreal. Top Posts Native Americans in Quebec.

drum machine tokyoplastic

To be honest, we are not big on anything. Are you guys single? So do you travel a lot? Within a week, we were getting abouthits a day. You are commenting using your Facebook account. We felt like we were getting way too old, and we knew this was the time we had to come together to do a crazy project.

Interview: Sam Lanyon of Tokyoplastic

Yesterday was my second time going for fish curry and I was eating with my hands. Have you gone through any projects that have been a pain? When I was young, while my mum was potty training me, she was mopping the floor. Thanks maachine the British Council for the hookup! No, we are not big vinyl junkies.


Tokyoplastic Drum Machine From the land of my forefathers comes the tokyoplastic tokyoplasic machine. So what were you doing before Tokyoplastic? Email required Address never made public.

Drum Machine

If you have a few minutes to spare, this is a cool website to poke around. Oh, it was amazing! But I enjoy giving these talks very much.