The links are in the article. One note to make to avoid backtracking: I like how simple and convenient it is. This site uses cookies. Moreover, the document looks pretty much the same on the computer and on the DS.


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Sorry for that last comment — I actually meant to post it on a different page, relating to converting files for use on an NDS eBook reader. After Dslibfis realized that Open Office converts files into xhtml pretty painlessly, DSLibris became one of my most-used apps! Fedora users should look in apt.

September 24, Author: I do try though. Hello Ray, this awesome project has been in hiatus for a while. I try to run tidy on the dslbris file by typing in the comand above and it seemed to run loads of text scrolled very quickly anyway! Will someone share a program, or website or something that will convert. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi, I like your program alot, but no matter how many files I have on ddslibris sd card, I am unable to get more dslkbris 30 books to show up in my library.


I have to say that ultraedit has his own tidy, but I was not able to make it work as desired: Would LOVE a good. The links are in the article.


This site uses cookies. Step one should have been displaying Project Gutenberg vanilla ascii texts. Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks again for letting me carry one less device! Been playing around with.

DSLibris Error and Question | – The Independent Video Game Community

After it loads the books I get this error:. It is well worth the little effort of converting the files to xhtml. Is there relief in sight? Please help, I am a complete beginer!

I was wondering if its ok to make a page dedicated to dslibris? Please tell me what you think!

DSLibris Error and Question

Ohhoyea…i wanted to do homebrew, but then i bought a 3ds. There is a limit on number of books. Reading a well-formatted xhtml sideways feels like, and is convenient as reading a real book. Thanks to everybody for their comments. Am I doing something wrong? In some cases the paragraphs will still be correct. The limitation is in the PDF format, which presupposes a certain page size when it is laid out and throws away paragraph information in the process.


There are efforts afoot to provide Gutenberg texts in ePub format, and Feedbooks provides ePub material.


I just want something simple that you click, and it converts it over. I generally have been using amaya editor, although I tried the others, and they all turn out about the same.

When I open the homebrewit loads for a while then it shows: What dsllbris I use?


And also thank you for reminding me what my priorities should have been.