We launch a new series of meetings starting on Tuesday, October 29, at Noon Pacific, in Zoom. The schedule for those weekly meetings is as follows:

Noon – 12.30: those who want to update and augment Howard Rheingold’s book The Virtual Community are invited to do so. We’ll start working on the intro and first chapter. We just finished a first reading, more about that here.
12.30 – 13.00: let’s discuss and annotate the Foreword and the Introduction of the Peeragogy Handbook.
13.00 – 13.30: serendipity time! Let’s exchange projects, readings, encounters – maybe they’ll inspire some of the participants! During preparatory meetings people suggested to add stuff about DAO and virtual reality. These kinds of suggestions can lead to separate but connected projects which can eventually merge with the main project. 

For the annotation of the books we use hypothes.is  and google docs.

If you’re interested to join for all or some sessions, let me know. I’ll invite you to a mailing list where you will get the necessary links and practical information.

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