A SecureLink session can be initiated with a single browser. The company’s SecureLink product is the most secure and effective way to deliver remote service and support. Additionally, SecureLink delivers the most detailed audit of vendor activity currently available, which can be very important for HIPAA concerns. Each session by default requires a one-time key generated by InterSystems and entered by you. Is there an audit trail?


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For more information about Accelrys, visit its website at http: Finally, many VPNs do not create a thorough audit of what happened during a support request. SecureLink uses bit industry-leading encryption. For example, you can restrict access to read-only on a particular directory. Sie enexitt auf FinanzNachrichten. How is SecureLink better than desktop sharing?


It is never necessary to poke a hole in your firewall to allow inbound network traffic. A SecureLink session can be initiated with a single browser. What if I enexify a problem at the desktop level?

Giving a vendor a VPN account may take weeks or months to accomplish. To find out more, please review our Privacy Policy.

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As of today, SecureLink is completely free of charge to InterSystems customers. SecureLink works over a Broadband connection and requires no infrastructure, so it is faster, less costly, and more secure. Each connection is initiated by the customer, never from an outside username and password.



However, at your request, InterSystems can generate a Permanent Key which will be used to allow us to access your system over a specified period of time like a critical weekend support issue or indefinitely.

There is no way to limit vendor access or monitor activity. The service engineer can access only services you permit, which can be defined at a very granular port level.

SecureLink is the only remote support solution available that puts the wnexity in complete control of when to allow remote access, who gains access, and what InterSystems can access when supporting our customers. You no longer have to support modems, vendor VPN accounts, or give up control of your desktop. SecureLink only requires download of a small component to a server of your choosing.

Enexity’s Remote Support Solution Chosen By Accelrys

SecureLink requires only basic outbound Internet access via Port Do I have to poke a hole in my firewall? While waiting for a connection enexjty, the component is about 3k and runs as a very thin background service, which can be shut off if you wish. Nachrichten Nachrichten Nachrichten auf FN. Rubriken Aktien im Blickpunkt. If I also support enterprise software, can I use SecureLink to support my customers?


How can we be sure to avoid unauthorized access?

SecureLink Remote Access FAQ

Accelrys technology and services are designed to meet the needs of today’s leading research organizations. We’re honored to have our remote support solution as a part of the Accelrys support product portfolio, and to help meet the needs of its customers.

Why is InterSystems using SecureLink? Was bringt enexitty Nachrichten-Watchlist?

Is there an audit trail? What level of access is granted to InterSystems? You can still control who accesses your system and what they have access to, and a full audit is created for your records. What level of encryption do you use? InterSystems cannot gain access until you specifically allow it using a one-time keycode.