The game utilizes a password system. Also, Risks and Challenges: He coulda remade the game but used all original assets and called it Fandaxido and been fine! I rather like the pledge goals: However, he criticized the password system for western audiences, and was grateful the Virtual Console release eliminates that feature. Definitely seems less than legal all the way around so I wouldn’t touch this KS at all. The limits of physical damage the hero can sustain from enemies is tracked by a life bar , and the magical power he can exert is tracked by a magic bar.

faxanadu remake

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Cease and desist never crossed your mind? Castlevania 64 N64 Likes: Crying Freeman Legendary Hunter Posts: Your name or email address: The game has received critical acclaim.

Faxanadu (Remake)

I rather like the pledge goals: The game utilizes a password system. Players guide the hero through a screen-by-screen series of fields, towns, and dungeons.

faxanadu remake

A bunch of NES games I get mixed up with each other”. Gemake expect anything like Faxanadu here. Gurus also bestow ranks to the hero when he meets certain experience totals; these determine the amounts of experience and gold a player will possess upon resuming a game via password.


Faxanadu Remake On Kickstarter | XSEED Games Forum

Aridale Master Hunter Posts: You must log in or sign up to reply here. November 26, NA: Worse still, the town is under attack by Dwarves. Faxxanadu journey takes him to four overworld areas: When the hero defeats an enemy, it usually leaves behind gold or life-giving bread, and the hero gains a set amount of experience.

The game world in featured in two episodes of Season 2 — of the Nintendo-based, Saturday morning cartoon series, Captain N: Floorpills View Profile View Posts.

Faxanadu Remake On Kickstarter

Outside of the legal grey area, which other people have mentioned. There are so many people on Kickstarter asking for donations for games that never materialise or get cancelled I’m making my way through it slowly. Crying Freeman on December 16, A spiritual successor to Faxandu would have totally been within the legal realm of possibility. Share This Page Tweet.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. According to the copyright notice on the Kickstarter, Konami acquired Hudson Soft.

The Dwarf King is not featured and is replaced by Queen Dwarfine. Archived from the original on The name was remaks by computer game developer Nihon Falcom “Falcom” and was developed and released in Japan by Hudson Soft in Jones, Darran, Imagine Publishing.

Isn’t Faxanadu Falcom’s property?

faxanadu remake

Xanadu might be a good game, don’t get me wrong, I was just let down when I realized it has very little in common with Faxanadu other than very coincidental circumstances.

The tree’s buttress, the inside of the trunk, the tree’s branches and finally the Dwarves’ mountain stronghold.

X Xenocide Master Hunter Posts: Nov 5, Bloodreign on December 17, ,