In 3D view the time signatures and tempo changes to the side are cut off. These are all easy to find in the waveform using Audacity. Don’t place any at all, and opt instead to insert both SP and Solos using a midi editor later perhaps the least confusing option for a newbie. Fairly big update with a lot of things added and bugs fixed. I recommend placing notes as you I sync, however, so you can use the Clap function to make sure they’re really in the right place. Your goal here is to get each note exactly where it should be so all you have to worry about next time is what color the note is.

feedback versi 0.97b

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Left and right arrow keys: FeedBack pauses the song when I press space, but when I press space again, the song continues from seconds earlier, making charting impossible!

Installing FeedBack You must have 7zip or equivalent installed! The minus and plus keys.

WineHQ – Feedback B

Section Names Just about every song is split into different parts, whether they are verse and chorus, new guitar riffs, a mad-crazy tambourine breakdown, etc. My goal for the editor is to expand it into a more diverse music game, with network multiplayer including drums by attaching a midi drum synth, or maybe one of those japanese BeatMania controllers. I only encounter this if they “bleed together,” as they do here. Decrease BPM by one hundredth 0.


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In 3D view the time signatures and tempo changes to the side are cut off. If there are any further problems, let me know. Last Minute Preparation Part D: Change the difficulty or track like you would normally.

feedback versi 0.97b

You only need to place Track Events once! D Oh, and I have to thank FoG for taking the time to knock up a website template for me. Alrighty, I think I may have found a feedbac.

FeedBack Chart Editor b – The Porting Team

I also understand that many people will probably not use this but I know there’s that one person looking for a port, so here you go. Feedbsck need to convert your mp3 to. They apply to all difficulties and instruments. Display posts from previous: From this point on you have the skills and knowledge to chart out a basic song with no bells and whistles such as sections, difficulties other than Expert, and Star Power.

I’m still looking for people to help me with art.

Thanks for the comments guys: Decide what kinds of chords you want to chart: Wii users can avoid this by simply not passing their chart through Magma. Note, this release wasn’t exactly vesri I planned to release it, but I figure basic access to these features is better than nothing. I mean, it won’t let me press at the same time. If I ever felt like it I might read through this entire guide to give a detailed impression, but so far looks great.


Adding a little bit of silence to the beginning of your chart gives players a chance to get ready to play and makes your chart feel more professional. A vast majority of feeddback will never need custom intervals, and to use them when they are not called for can make a chart look ugly and play poorly.

Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It’s definitely a lot of reading though.

I still have a heap of stuff brewing, but I’m heading overseas for the next 10 weeks, so I wanted to do a bug fix release before I leave. Don’t worry about making it exact, it just needs to be close enough that the beat counts are roughly in time with the music.

The ‘R’ button is referred to in the config file as ‘Shift’ and feefback the shift key’s behaviour. That’s gonna be a while off yet, so I just fedback to do a smaller release that adds lots of the frequently asked features.

feedback versi 0.97b