How do we handle problem users? Enhancement – Log To Variable – Major improvement to speed at writting logged output to variable. Fixed bash from having its secondary prompt set in SSH actions. Change – Read Text File – Enabled shared reading of files. Person A gets an email about this. Bug – Fixed MSBuild 2. Improving the question-asking experience.

finalbuilder 7

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Enhancement – Windows Security – Added change file permission action. Previously they would clash on a shared temp file.

FinalBuilder 7 IDE

Bug – Fixed MSBuild 2. FinalBuilder Actions Bug. Bug – Update Deployment Project Action – fixed issue with action not rewriting byte order mark.

Asked 8 years, 11 months ago. Feature – ClearCase – Run action now expands the command parameter so that variables can be used. Bug – Delphi and Embarcadero Resource Compiler Action – Fixed issue with the resource compiler not liking leading zeros in product version.

Net Build – Turned off configuration regex for new actions. Support Forums Contact Us Blogs. Bug – Win32VersionInfo Updater action – modified parser to accept constants in fields. Change – TFS Label – UI change to make it more obvious that you need to specify finakbuilder server path to label, rather than a local file path.


The first version of FinalBuilder was made publicly available in May, Feature – Touch Files – Added support for touching directories.

finalbuilder 7

Bug Fix – Rename Variables – Now correctly make a full text match case insensitive on full variable name. How do we handle problem users? FB7 will attempt to find and rename all references there may be a few cases we have missed, if you find any let us know.

Allowing action result to be change before retries are performed. NET Action – Fixed failure status when building multiple configs and any configs fail.

finalbuilder 7

Added expected SSH exit code. If two commits are done within fiinalbuilder short timespan, and the server is currently occupied, by the time it picks up the changes and runs, it will run for the last one. Bug – Fixed AV when refactoring actions to new action list. Bug – Action Output Monitors – Fixed wildcards option modifiying match string problem. Feature – Visual Studio Action – Added abilty to build multiple configs by using regular expression in configname.

Bug Fix – Include Project – Fixed access violation error which would occasionally occur when including project within other included project. Enhancement – Variable Auto Complete – Will no longer eat line endings when inserting a variable.

Continuous Integration & Automated Software Builds

This allows the action to use a Network user when interacting across domains or on network resources if required. Bug – Subversion options – fixed but where path part of default repo was being stripped off. Change – AdvancedInstaller actions – Enabled StdOut redirection and enabled suppression of console window. Bug – Capture from std did not handle non standard console encodings in some cases.


FinalBuilder 7 has been in private beta testing for a few weeks, and today we are opening the beta to existing customers. Net SDK finalbuilderr Updated the locations and method for loading. Bug – If the examples directory was deleted then FinalBuilder will fail to start.

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finalbuilder 7

Bug Fix – Path Manipulation – Corrected path manipulation to expand the base path field if its a variable. Bug Fix – Choose One – Fixed exception which would occur if down arrow was used to select item. Change – Git Clone – Clone destination will be created if it does not already exist.