Hitting cancel to back out of all menus and then going back to it sometimes it takes a few tries will eventually cause it to draw properly. After switching disks it’ll start the FMV with all of the sound. Also always seems to crash when about to fight Felicia in Arcade mode. Just finished the game with no mentioned lack of sound or other glitches noted above. Also works in 4. Update from neoxavien — “seems to freeze randomly during battles the farther I got into the game.

first multi disc popstation gui v1.0

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Shotgun freezing is fixed on the PSP Slim using 4.

first multi disc popstation gui v1.0

Works perfectly under POPS 3. This may impact tracking. The game runs great overall. CUE file or can it be safely deleted? Works Perfect on 3. Seems like the game sometimes get totally messed up when exiting battle if the disc speed is set on fast. Battle swirl works fine, also sleep and silence attacks no longer cause glitches.


Pops Compatibility List

During the train boss battle with Birkin on Claire Scenario B the game will freeze if you stay too close to the train door-solution: What’s new New posts Latest activity. Works but there are problems with the sound when there is a conversation, like missing words.

Unlike the post above, the game nulti not freeze on the boot. I have remade py2exe for 3. Both disk 1 and 2 work perfectly using SLPS again. SLPS and Popsloader to emulate 3. No save between disc 1 and 2, still have to try a multidisc POPS with it. Sound and graphics are good.

Final Fantasy 9 Lag on 5.00 M33-6

Game freezes at warning screen with popsloader 3. Can quit using Home. Works fine on 5. Tested by Milkymoocowmoo, 4. By the way, IsoBuster is a great app.

first multi disc popstation gui v1.0

Will update when I finish the game. Will not work with 3.

How to convert PSone games to PSP EBOOTs

The popsttaion froze when trying to enter the 3rd area of the Ancient forest. I’ve just searched manually and found the latest version of popstation was given out in 3. Seems to be working great. Music issues if the image is not good — try PAL version.


first multi disc popstation gui v1.0

Up to 1st Save Point, at least. This probably won’t help any for the later FMV, though.

Capcom Generations — CD2: So far, works perfect on 5. I 2nd that motion.

Thanks for the exellent guide works like a charm, even for a Noob like me I’m now able to play my old PSX games that havent seen the light of day for years! On brewology there is an unofficial multiMAN 4. Tested by MonkeyJamboree Works fine on 5. Play until after the disc switch, save and quit