View attachment and have started attempts to root it. Computer does not recognize the device Can I flash this pad to work and what files i should use and any link for download? Aug 21, Messages: Turns out the previous charger I had gotten with the tablet was infact faulty. Apr 29, 2. You should select “Allow” on this window. SuperPad III android 2.

flytouch 3 firmware

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SuperPAD II Firmware

I used this factory firmware: I bought it from some kid off Ebay Dec 8, Messages: May 1, 6. The installation will be automatic.

First of all my specs are completely different to everyone else. I wanna install Wince on it. All unconfirmed at present.

[ROM][06 May ] Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 Tol… | Android Development and Hacking

Hey guys I would like to identify my tablet, is it a clone or what I’ve got this tablet. Your name or email address: I can not get a firmwsre update and only get an err message, there are no apps in the marketplace except free ones, and the Wifi will not recognize and hot spots.


flytouch 3 firmware

Mine shipped with that firmware. Hi jammertn, I’m glad you like the speed of my ROM, that was one of my goals indeed. Posted 09 July – I am a bit confused. Click the middle button the one with white squares on the dock, you will have access to all installed apps including superuser. Hi and thanks for the quick reply.

Any Ways round this? The box is the same one we all see. No specific yes or no fflytouch from the manufacturer, but they are working on it. Does this mean I must upgrade my Android 2. Is there a different combo for OTG connections on these pads?

flytouch 3 firmware

The reason you are getting the “permission denied” error is because gscript was not given superuser permissions. The reason I accidentally closed the process is because I was getting alerts the my phone memory space was getting low, so I was trying to stop unnecessary processes and did not know what I was doing, I admit it!


flytouch 3 firmware

Dec 20, 22 3 SuperPad III android 2. This one has only 1.

[ROM][06 May 2012] Flytouch 3 Superpad 2 TolgaMOD_FT3_v1.0

None the less, I tapped on fimware, and tried. Superpad i7 p dead. As far as I can tell the tablet is the same as the variant fllytouch version of superpad II but I cant be I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but, I have a FT3 with firmware I can’t get live wallpaper to run. If there is no honeycomb, what else can i do to my tab.

I am currently running Android 2.