In ICMP-dll ping mode the separate process allocates for each device, and everything occurs parallel, but it uses the processor more. New engine of program localization. Searching of devices by name, address, hardware name, etc. This intermediate version was built as a result of Friendly Net Watcher release. Startup File User Run. Interface settings are now saved with the map.


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Toolbar options were not taken into account.

The size of background bitmap is taken into account on setting the map size. Meet Telegram’s animated stickers.

Devices were not found in Windows NT. Check is set only for those devices wich are not present on the map in “Wizard”.

Hardware General report processor, memory, total space.

Friendly Pinger

Error at starting of second FPinger copy with started Inventory. Error on viewing inventory, if there are strange ini-files in “Inventory” folder. When “notify on connection” only option is enabled, it notified on each file opened.



Friendly Pinger is a software program developed by A. The error was always displayed on determination of hard drives serial numbers.


Configurations and log-files deleted after uninstallation without confirmation. Error on “Edit Rotate Mirrow”. External commands are easy to use now. Simplification of map information; Added: Additional parameters fplnger computers”. Improved mechanism of software collection. The definition of Windows version is completely altered.

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History Filters dialog box. Friendly Pinger Server beta – for ping and trace from other computers. Detection of several video-cards and monitors on one computer. F5 pings devices, even if pause mode is enabled.

Friendly Pinger Registration

The map was not pinged after reopening. New item in fpingerr main menu of program: Web pages always were opened in Internet Explorer, despite of presence of other browsers. Hint when user moves mouse cursor over computer. Errors with mouse cursor when new line is added and the map is pinged.


The template-files are described in Help. Detection of current display mode resolution, frequency, bps.


Check box in Ping Options: Faster loading of a map. New easy 79 kb inventory client collect.

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Legal notices Privacy policy. Scheduler for automatic export. Some interface changes to lighten work with product.