Klepacki’s “Rocktronic” A 30 second sample of “Rocktronic”, displaying Klepacki’s solo style of composition. It was a quite effective method for me and still is. The song basically wrote itself with that foundation. Retrieved 5 June He concluded that some songs could be enhanced, but Red Alert had already gone gold , precluding new versions. For the Hierarchy—our evil alien race—I went with a more heavy-metal rock influence, to go along with how they stomp all over everything on the map with their massive walker units.

frank klepacki infiltrator

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The Westwood Studios Catalog. Generals and submitted a demo to EA, he was not contacted to compose. I think klepacii one of my best metal tracks I’ve written. Klepacki has also played in and produced albums for several Las Vegas bands. Klepacki scored Fogger and Mudone of his personal favorites, before finishing with Militant Force and Radio 2. As a Star Wars fan, he has extensively written about the film premieres of the last two prequels on his website.

On August 1,he revealed his next solo project would be named Awakening of Aggression and confirmed the music would kkepacki “heavy” and “hard-hitting.

Frank Klepacki

The first half moves along with its techno style and then all of sudden you are rewarded with a sweet riff. Archived from the original on 6 November infiltrattor Frank Klepacki Rap Sheet”.


frank klepacki infiltrator

For this new album Frank has turned back the clock in a sense to the days of Red Alert. And I sell enough of my own albums that allows me to keep releasing them.

– FEATURES: Review – Frank Klepacki “Infiltrator”

It was a quite effective method for me and still is. Then I realized I let it go on way to long and it was too repetitive. But my initial excitement prior to knowing how much I’d be doing had me cranking out ideas left and right and tapping into sound of Red Alert and RA2.

Klepacki defined Red Alert 2 ‘ s style intiltrator heavy metal guitar and fast-paced beats. Their debut album will mark Klepacki’s first outing as a band’s lead vocalist.

frank klepacki infiltrator

Generals — Zero Hour. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Archived from the original on 24 February What we have here is a kind of atmospheric track to set the mood, after all the fast and heavy stuff that preceded it. Archived from the original on November 12, Instead of touring the infkltrator, I receive fan mail from around the world.


This beat carries on for the entire track; it changes up mid way through and mellows out again towards the end. Archived from the original on 20 May Klepacki was raised by a family of musicians of Polish and Italian descent who played on the Las Vegas strip. The song basically wrote itself with that foundation.

Red Alert won two awards. The man continues to make fantastic music and still greatly infilrtator me to this day. Tiberian Sun ultimately featured dark, ambient techno music and ambient space music suited to the game’s post-apocalyptic and futuristic setting. His music is also available from iTunes. Production began in with the song Cybertekthough an album was not planned at this time.

frank klepacki infiltrator

Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 15 November Eye of the Beholder II: Archived from the original on 28 September