But then, music was all over me. I left Lagos at the peak of my career and decided to settle here in the North. It is too formal. When you go to clubs and you hear songs in Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo, that will help to promote our culture. It is all about AIDS. After my contract with Radio Nigeria, which was for two years, I released my single called Ga lemon or End of Discussion. I remember that my mother gave me her blessing when she watched me performing for the then wife of the Vice President, Hajiya Titi Atiku.

funkiest mallam songs

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Funky Mallam is what they call you if you are into entertainment in Lagos. Some people ask why I have released only two albums since I started, but Funkiest Mallam always produces something very good, and to produce anything good takes time. I am 35 years old.

Funkiest Mallam: My breakthrough in music comedy

That was exceptional for me. It is too formal. I am a sportsman. Comments on this thread are that of the maker and they do not necessarily reflect the organizations maplam or views on issues.


But then, music was all over me. Let me tell you, Funkiest Mallam came out as a raw talent and the society embraced me.

Funkiest Mallam Songs + Lyrics – Nigerian Music

It is my talent. Left to me, I wanted to use my name, but they insisted, so I asked what name they wanted me to use. I started as a dancer. Right now, I have a promotional outfit trying to secure a marketing deal for me abroad.

maallam I look at the society. It is a fusion of Makosa and hip hop. Music was what I wanted to do. Most of all, I think I have sacrificed so much in developing the music industry here in the North.

Twitter Facebook WhatsApp Telegram. It is all about AIDS.

Someone fuunkiest Funky Mallam. It was not only her, but other foreign musicians who came appreciated her. I have a stake in the music industry, especially in the North. Initially, our legends did not create a platform for us to build on like you have in Francophone countries, but gradually, we are making our impact to be felt everywhere in the world.


It is the bomb, and it will still grow. That is what I will tell the younger artistes that they should not look at money at the beginning.

funkiest mallam songs

Yes, I am living on it. I started very dunkiest in the industry. I see myself still producing albums and then going for international tours. She and others danced.

funkiest mallam songs

I did not choose the name myself. They need assistance and support. We are going to be covering events funkiext the country as well. The Northern music is going round.

We want to break that jinx and barrier. But honestly, there is a lot of money in music and some are beginning to invest. And I kallam getting positive responses. After the show, people were calling me.