First the new impacts broke Tiamat into two halves. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Zacharia Sitchin is a well known Archelogist who is one of the few experts in old cultures and scriptures of Sumerian, Metsopotamian, Akkadian, Assyrian and I respect Sitchin’s indefatigable research and concrete data collection and analysis to back up his claims. Titius proposed and in Johann Elert Bode popularized what became known as “Bode’s law,” which showed that planetary distances follow, more or less, the pro- gression 0, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. We have already reviewed the latest discoveries of Voyager 2 that confirm the Sumerian de- scription of Uranus and Neptune as “watery.

genesis revisited zecharia sitchin

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After reading this book, I felt that I probably should have read earlier ones he had written first.

genesis revisited zecharia sitchin

The archaeologists and anthropologists who joined in dating the finds believed that mining technology was used in south- ern Africa “during much of the period subsequent toB. GA and was shifted by Nibiru to its rrvisited orbit, which is not within the ecliptic but inclined 17 degrees to it—suggests that Nibiru itself followed an inclined path.

While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites.

Genesis Revisited (Earth Chronicles, #) by Zecharia Sitchin

May 30, Dan rated it liked it Recommended to Dan by: The latest scientific discoveries have added Mars to the list of inner planets whose waters corroborate the ancient state- ment. Schaefer and Bradley E. We now know that Mars has two moons, Jupiter sixteen moons and several more moonlets, Saturn twenty-one or more, Uranus as many as fifteen, Neptune eight.

Future missions might provide the answer.

I don’t know what to say. Because of pertur- bations and intercometal collisions, some of the cometary horde may have come closer, to only 50, AU from the Sun which genesks still ten thousand times the distance of Jupiter from the Sun. This, of course, is the core of the ongoing argument between Creationists and Evolutionists.


Genesis Revisited : Zecharia Sitchin :

Sitchin is a Russian who moved to Palestine after living in Israel. This leads to one more gemesis difference between the Earth’s continental and oceanic crusts. The flyby of Neptune provided still more corrob- oration of the ancient texts. If nothing else his arguments are well thought and have inspired me to do more research, especially in the area of Hebrew translation to English.

genesis revisited zecharia sitchin

One of the most celebrated appearances of a comet, definitely Halley’s, is that ofduring the Battle of Hastings in which the Saxons, under King Harold, were defeated by William the Conqueror. About 15 percent are of the C type: The Messengers of Genesis 75 The existence of the huge cloud of comets finds a natural explanation if comets and meteorites are considered as minor planets escaped, at an early stage of the planetary system, from the ring of asteroids.

I read this book over 20x years ago and genseis it very interesting. May 04, Kim rated it it was amazing.

Genesis Revisited

Mass Market Paperbackpages. How could I be so sure, on the eve of Voyager’s encounter with Neptune, that my prediction would be corrobo- rated—how dared I take the chance that my predictions would be disproved within sitcgin after submitting my article? The unusual celestial object, which the three scholars believe was Halley’s comet, is reported to have been seen in the Babylonian month of Kislimu, which is the Jewish month Kislev and, zehcaria, the one in which Hanukkah is celebrated.

As thrilling as discoveries made by the use of microscopes are, it is what telescopes enable us to see that fills us with the realization of the grandeur of nature and the universe. Carr and Jack McCauley of the U. Intests with new, sophisticated meth- ods on rock samples collected a few years earlier in northern Canada by researchers from Washington University in St.


Looking at Halley’s comet, we see a miniature Nibiru! But except for Earth the former had barren surfaces and the latter no surfaces at all, and the long-held conventional wisdom was that neither group again, excepting Earth had any water.

In them, Neptune was listed before Uranus, as would be expected of someone who is coming into the Solar System and sees first Pluto, then Neptune, and then Uranus. It was the beginning of the process by which Gaga was to become our Pluto, with its inclined and peculiar orbit that sometimes takes it between Neptune and Uranus.

For a few days the world we call Earth took time out to watch another world; we, Earthlings, were glued to our television sets, thrilled by closeup pictures of another planet, the one we call Neptune.

But our astron- omers were not aware of that until the nineteenth century.

genesis revisited zecharia sitchin

But the presence of water molecules in the surface materials indicates that the minerals that make up the asteroid have captured sithin and combined with it.

I’ve always thought it was odd that there were TWO stories of the creation of Adam, and there’s all these references to ‘gods’.