I worked on a supporting software for these devices and needed to do conversions of measured coordinates etc. The number space is divided into two halves, East and West in the case of longitude and North and South in the case of latitude. Our position is that derivative works may be distributed, if they adhere to these “Terms. Fortunately, Internet search revealed that some nice guy pulled off that rewrite to Java. Your email address will not be published. The good thing is you can directly step into the original C code when debugging your.

geotrans 2.4.2

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If there is no minutes component, the degrees component contains the entire precision of the coordinate and there must not be a seconds component.

Copyright for geotranz source package in Precise Precise Army Engineering Research and Development Center. This page was last edited on 29 Marchat Fortunately, Internet search revealed that some nice guy pulled off that rewrite to Java.


geotrans 2.4.2

In its most simple form a coordinate is just a number of degrees. Your email address will not be published. Views Read Edit View history.


geotrans license: asking for advice

On other words the whole number part. All forms of coordinates are capable of representing the same amount of data and the same precision. I chose goetrans 2. Wed, 1 Oct gwotrans The most common pro-grammatical use of these processes is to display a coordinate to an end user in the more common DMS form instead of decimal form.

The degrees is always the left-most whole number. In Java, you have just two options. Government customers may contact NGA.

GEOTRANS in .NET and Java

Technically you could have latitudes greater than 90 or less thanbut this is an ambiguous case, since there would be an equivalent coordinate with an inverse longitude. Seconds are the numerator component of a fraction with denominator 60 of one minute.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency at no cost and free of copyright restrictions.

geotrans 2.4.2

Neither NGA nor its personnel will be liable for any claims, losses, or damages arising from or connected with the use of the software. I prefer to use older GeoTrans version 2. In other languages Add links. The method is as follows:.

GEOTRANS in .NET and Java | Galfar’s Lair

On the other hand, you are required to write a wrapper where you translate between managed and unmanaged types. Only I needed to use it in. These are referred to as zero latitude and zero longitude, respectively.


geotrans 2.4.2

It is made available by U. Below is a piece of pseudocode to convert from decimal degrees to degrees, minutes, and geotranw. Given a decimal longitudinal coordinate such as The user’s sole and exclusive remedy is to stop using the software.

NGA and its personnel are not required to provide technical support or general assistance with respect to public use of the software.

The degrees portion of the coordinate is always going to be the easiest to figure out.

Copyright for geotranz source package in Precise

Java In Java, you have just two options. Seconds are also an optional component, and can only exist if the minutes component also exists. Retrieved from ” https: The maximum ranges are as follows:.