I also got Serch high that night, so that may have been an additive. You guys were regulars on the show. Electric Lucifer took years to make, off and on, due to a lot of behind the scenes shit no one cares about. Technology has streaming airs that are cancerous. I got into music when I was about 5 years old and started rapping at about 9. I can go on about stories. Through the internet young cats now listen to everything now from doom metal to Japanese grindcore to whatever.

goretex supercoven mixtape

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I started cutting out of school more to concentrate on the zine.

You traded lists of all the newest and rarest hot shit. Or someone was a rat. The end product was the full freestyle with np necro and mcserch. While some of their solo work stood tall on its own, I always felt there was something missing. Learn how to grow foods and what nutrients do. There was no weak link when it came to lyrics. It is what it is though.


For better or worse. It was highly improbable this company would know anything about my career. Godfather Don was also a huge metal head, into extreme shit. A lot of reasons led up to us wanting to reform the group.

Other goodies Get On Down presents: Keeps it interesting for me. There is some hardcore Gore fans here. Without givin one goreyex or credit on the tape.

Goretex aka Supercoven – Audio For the Cult (mixtape)

I would also like to get my hands on this. Wear what you like, but you better know who the fuck the band is on your shirt. I pay for it. Only now, do people understand a lot of what I was talking about on the Non Phixion albums. The author of this message was banned from the forum – See mixtapw message.

Gore Elohim (p/k/a Goretex) – 7th Boro Interview | 7th Boro: Hip Hop City

I don’t think Gore has dedicated enough fans to make bootlegs lol. A bootleg of a bootleg. A young couple overdosed while on their way supercovsn a NP show. I’m sending the link to fext now! I always thought I was too advanced as far as knowing how similar both are.


Gore Elohim (p/k/a Goretex) – 7th Boro Interview

Three foot boomboxes with straps. It,s just not always talked about. Understand that we are in the end times, and look at the bigger picture. A couple years later I was heavily involved in the early Death Metal scene.

goretex supercoven mixtape

Do you have everything? Geto Boys listened to Kiss. Non Phixion got back supsrcoven for some reunion shows last year. He came through, I rolled 20 blunts and that was it.

goretex supercoven mixtape

We preferred Celtic Frost. The last one i made with all the good stuff was Non phixion Goons mixtape vol 3 it had dollar bills on the cover with np in the mixttape.

Wildlife is dying by the thousands every day, our air is designed to kill you and food to destroy your inner organs.