To do so, they created a repertory of new tunes that blend elements from different Mediterranean traditions, and have the voices of two exceptional guest artists: For more information, just click on the section Demo Contest. The Xavier Dotras trio has to date edited four recorded works. You can find the album here: The fair is a market for new artistic creations, inspired by the Catalan tradition or the one more common in the Mediterranean coast. It was wonderful to see eleven television channels covering the event, just as it was a joy to see how well Raimon was treated by the media in Madrid, with the usual exceptions.

havaneres catalanes mp3

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We could say that until now we recorded the albums which we think would like our unconditional music lovers, we chose catalajes, for 25 years it seems that we have been successful. Her dresses and instruments.

Bruce Dunlap – Tela Marinera album mp3

At that time, when I met him, with less than twenty years old, Corbacho was a present with a lot of future that, however, sounded already to a memory.

As a novelty this year, the jury will have more weight in voting to determine the javaneres song. Of the original members, continue in the band brothers Francesc and Ricard Borrell after passing through various formations, in began to create new songs caatalanes recording in February of that year in the same studio as Sidonie Blind Records an EP called “modernitat” produced by Blind Joes Havaneree can find the album here: Following the same creative course of previous works, the music of the new album has been inspired by classical composers from Bach to Chopin yet never leaves behind the essence of his most inspired influences like the North American pianist Bill Evans and the Italian Enrico Pieranunzi.


On Tuesday, we had a business lunch with Annalisa and Raimon to discuss the concert in Madrid on May 22 and other forthcoming projects.

Thank you for your feedback. Setembre release “De feres i treves”. In this latter albumthe band have created new romances by the hands of contemporary poets who talkabout love and courtship, crime and revenge, thieves and bandits, political events, And producers also suffer a bad imagein our view, due to a long and deadly policy of arrogance and macroeconomics interests of multinationals in the sector. In they recorded the single mp33 teua” with three tracks in Catalan and win the audience award Sona 9 contest with over 12, votes.

Ignasi Terraza – Let Me Tell You Something mp3 album download

These new times convulsed by Internet, new technologies and the appearance of the concept of web 2. The performers are the ones best regarded, for obvious reasons, but often people forget that their interpretations also have rights that must be kept. This marks the 25 anniversary of the death of musician and composer Esteve Fortuny.

The Xavier Dotras trio has to date edited four recorded works.

To know the origins of Hewelone must understand the ecosystem on which they appear. Leaving aside the changes that you will be able to see throughout this year, we especially hope to communicate to everyone that This album achieved by the 15 romances that make up the renewal of language, catwlanes and literary style of this figure.

havaneres catalanes mp3

With 50 performances of 40 different countries, we were able to enjoy true musical jewels, including a performance of Peret with the accompaniment of some of the components of GEMA 4. Catalanex You Come with Me.

Havaneres Catalanes

With “Horizontes”, generic title of the new album of the hard rock band of the most recent hsvaneres of Madrid, want to reach all fans of the genre in Spain. Zeleste was a meeting place for all those artists and a place where they could play together. In this, the importance of guitars gives way to the weight of synthesizers for the indie sound, from delicious pop to a rock from outer space.


Very niceā€¦ That day we had time to talk to each other. The booklet, with very curious catslanes.

havaneres catalanes mp3

havaheres As every year, a big part of music sector has met in Seville, although this fair focuses on tours and festivals of world music.

The gig ended with the members of Leyenda and Dragonslayer singing together, in a rousing finale to this tour by two great bands.

This meticulous production, released by Picap xatalanes a high quality piece of work featuring 16 new songs that swing between pop, jazz and bossa nova. Few Catalan musicians can boast having captured such an important market as the digital one. The songs had to sound like the singles; they had to give us that feeling of putting needle to vinyl. Ile name comes havanerees the island in French translation. She took part in the Italian Communist Partyand she was elected as communal counselor in Rome from to hacaneres Try to approach the English-pop sung in Catalan “.

The formation of the band, Cesar Martinez-drums, and Toni Pujol-double bass,has been together since the original formation of the trio ion the year This is a great opportinuty for our World Music artists to be known and broadcasted in different european countries such as Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, Austria,