Windows Home Server also provides Remote Access features that allow you to connect to your Home Server from anywhere outside the home, so that you can access files and even control your PCs that support Remote Desktop. My main goal is to mirror my main drive. A BIG thank you to Mark for his offer. That is, I wish my ex dashboard looked like that of the x You could designate two hard drives for duplication and then use the built-in Server Backup feature to back the shared folders up to the other two drives, but that would be a manual operation.

hp data vault x310

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HP StorageWorks X Data Vault review – Engadget

The performance is definitely not up to the same level as the X Data Vault, but the responsibilities of the server are also lower. RehabMan, I thought you covered that fairly extensively in the forums. Comments are closed, visit the forums to continue the discussion. Subscribe to the RSS feed! This topic has been discusses accross the forums and there are many thought processes as to whats the best size system drive to use. Is it the same software as the the other MediaSmarts, but with some special config to pull out the extra functions, or different software altogether?

These 3rd party software packages are not just disabled, they are removed from the installer. I assume he wants to know if it is possible to enable the features of the x also on the x So using a large drive for a system drive is not always wise.

If you DO send me a drive, and can produce a license to use, The only two things wrong with my EX are a the buzzy PSU fan and b the lack of port replicator support. If you have no objection to expanding the server outside the box then I would not bother to change the system drive unless you do not like or feel comfortable with the OEM Drive which I believe is a Seagate. I hope they do not release a new Consumer unit until after … looking to upgrade EX Well… I never duplicated what HP has accomplished with the x… Like I said though, probably just a good idea to sit tight and wait for Vail….


Seems weird releasing a new box with WHS vail so close. Good Luck with your x and welcome to the site and hope to see you here more in future. It could be setup and left to do its business just as a backup device.

Privacy Policy Advertise Contact. The PhotoViewer is a web page on the server that allows you to share photos with directly from your Home Server, while the PhotoPublisher allows you to easily publish your photos to many popular photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Picasa, flickr, and snapfish. On everyone of my servers the system drive is never used to store any storage pool data so for me a large system drive is viewed as wasteful.

The Server Console is usable though not as responsive as the X, and it does take longer to load. Now the do have a server but its like a secret and locked in a secure room like its a necessary evil device.

hp data vault x310

If i replace the 1TB drive that it comes with. The client Control Center application resides on the client PCs and provides shortcuts to the server features, and it appears to have remained unchanged from the previous 3. Much easier than doing it on the server end.


hp data vault x310

For help with troubleshooting your server just goto the Troubleshooting Section of the Forums http: RehabMan, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? X3100 learning the pros and cons. The server will reboot after downloading updates, and you can now use your Administrator password that you created during setup to log into the Server Console and continue setting up your user accounts, Remote Access, and other settings.

Good show, I just finished listening.

I tell people to use drives they are comfortable with. The underlying chassis and ho factor is the same as the X Data Vault, but the components and outer coverings have all been changed. Hello, So, i tried the forum and I have not got a response on my question. The fancy light pipes, glossy black side panels, and metal mesh door of the X have been replaced with matte black plastic all around.

HP StorageWorks Data Vault X310 – Atom 1.6 GHz – Monitor : none. Series Specs

The X seems it would be a nice fit for them. While the remote media streaming and video converting features of the high performance X are desirable for many home users, they often go unused in small businesses and add cost to the product.

Though the name might lead you to think otherwise, Windows Home Server is also well suited for the small business and home office environment.