Built into Citrix XenServer. Fixed an issue where performance metrics reported by the firmware are calculated incorrectly. Firmware version and higher: Red Hat Cluster server Steeleye Lifekeeper 9. Rescan all the disk path on all of the Windows cluster nodes Step4: Microsoft Windows Server R2 Hypervisor with guests. Brocade Brocade

hp p6500 firmware

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Driver included in VIOS version.

HP EVA P6000 Firmware Support

Please see the following compatibility matrix for iSCSI virtualization. Yes with Storwize V 7. The Data Replication Properties Folder window opens in the content pane.

Minimum Storwize V level V7. After startup of the management module, the controllers will automatically start.

Effective date January 12 Effective date. A full restart of both controllers is required only one time after HP P Command View and the management module software are installed on the management module of the EVA Fixed an issue where removing host presentation of a virtual disk can cause a virtual disk drive to become stalled, resulting in an inability to access a virtual disk.


You can check which accounts have rights by looking at the local security group xxxx on the management server and seeing what local accounts are in there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

HP P EVA Release Notes (XCS ) (, March )_百度文库

Regular 3PAR tips, fitmware and news direct to your inbox. Single path SAN boot Problem: Controller termination This section describes issues that can result in termination of controller operation. HP recommends that you read this information thoroughly.

Minimum supported code levels: This is caused by overhead or metadata that is applied to the file and is included in the percent complete, which reduces the amount of capacity available. Host OS type should be set to Linux or Windows. Cluster Shared Firkware are supported with Hyper-V.

hp p6500 firmware

HP P Command View display? Enginuity Enginuity Fixed an issue where firmware reports an incorrect LUN access state change while mastership of a LUN is still changing from one controller to another. C-mode currently not supported.

EVA Upgrade – d8taDude

XCS 1 or later support requires: Veritas DMP Version 5. The information in this document is not provided elsewhere. Firmware version and higher: These events and notifications may be received even if the affected virtual disk is not a thin provisioned virtual disk. Red Hat EL 7.


EVA Upgrade

Please see the switch tables for further information. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Driver included in TL Level. If the problem persists, contact HP Support Engineering. Disk group occupancy allocation notification received on non-thin provisioned virtual disks After expanding or shrinking a virtual disk, if the action exceeds the occupancy alarm level setting either warning fimware criticalyou may receive notification from P Command View events and Insight Remote Support notifications.

hp p6500 firmware

Storwize V minimum firmware level 7.