For more information, see “Role Management Role Operations screen on page Simplify and make your data center change-ready. To change these settings: If your domain contains these modules, you cannot update to. Links to third-party websites take you outside the HP website.

hp vc flex-10 enet module firmware 3.70

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If the request to the primary server times out and a secondary server is configured, VCM attempts the request on the secondary server.

hp vc flex-10 enet module firmware 3.70

To disable a session timeout period, enter 0. Shared uplink sets are limited to 4, networks. If the same username is used in multiple groups, the HP-VC-Groups attribute must be firware last attribute that is defined. For optimum network resource usage, set the interval to match the configuration on the customer network’s multicast router settings. Support is continued for HP Integrity i2 and i4 model server blades.

I was finally able to find out on my own how to do this. Download and install the latest version of the open-source FreeRadius server from the FreeRadius website http: Setup Wizards for server profile creation and initial domain installation and. A skilled Technical Manager will own your query or issue.

Select the authentication protocol.

HP VC Flex Enet Module Firmware Upgrade. – HP Support Community –

Filter the list by enclosure Select All Enclosures or a single enclosure from the Filter by Interconnect Module enclosure list.


User verification by account name and password Case Sensitive. This defined filter can then be associated with a profile Ethernet connection.

hp vc flex-10 enet module firmware 3.70

The default value is The configuration defines one system class Best Effortand you can configure seven additional classes for non-FCoE Ethernet traffic.

HP Virtual Connect Home This screen provides access for the management of enclosures, servers, networking, and storage. Edit a network Click the Edit link in the Action column, eneg left-click on the network row, right-click firmare display a menu, and then select Edit.

Traps can send device states or port statistics, such as throughput, errors, and discards. This feature is useful when using certain server network teaming bonding configurations.

hp vc flex-10 enet module firmware 3.70

The Alternative Name field is automatically populated with the value in the existing certificate, if any. To delete a multicast filter set, highlight the set, and then click Delete.

Select an existing Shared Uplink Set from the pull-down list. Select the check boxes corresponding to the authentication services to query on user login. You cannot disable local users if you are logged in as a local user. For more information on adding and importing a remote enclosure, glex-10 “Adding and importing a remote enclosure on page Supported cable lengths on 10Gb uplinks are 3 to 15 meters and supported 10Gb stacking.


However, if no previous firmware upgrade has been performed. For a specific external data center connection, only the selected server Ethernet NIC ports are visible on what appears to be an isolated, private, loop-free network. For more information on auto-deployment, see “Appendix B: To migrate from IPv4 to IPv6, the network must have an infrastructure that can support and implement the IPv6 protocol.

Hp vc flex-10 enet module firmware 3.70

The following behavior can be expected when filters are configured in a VC domain: The following figure shows tunneled VLAN tags. Clicking another link in the pull-down menu or left navigation tree causes current edits that have not been applied to be lost.

Valid values 33.70 1 to For tunneled networks, the probe frame transmission is extended over a longer period of time proportional to the number of tunneled networks.