None of the above, continue with my search. After that experience I clicked on the help button and described my problem. Added a pre-read redundancy check. The subsystem will not attempt to correct or recalculate parity automatically. I just want that software. I don’t think it’s really necessary to have such contract in order to download the Storage Manager.

ibm ds3200 storage manager software

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Added a pre-read redundancy check. Hi, That’s exactly what I did in the first place.

ibm ds3200 storage manager software

Search support or find a product: Operating System System x: Either I don’t understand the hint or this is the wrong link. The answer then looked auto generated as doftware and leaded me to a phone number.

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Get DS Storage Manager software without service contract? – IBM System Storage Forum

Thanks and best regards, Wene. It turned out as a helpline for people with a contract only, he couldn’t or wouldn’t understand my question too.


I also found a download portal at the IBM website. Added feature that will all user to Import and Export Arrays. I found a reference in this blog: The user will managger allowed to specify that a hot spare thus eliminating the copyback operation or an unassigned drive be a permanent member of the array.

Added the ability to create Arrays with out having to define Logical Drives. I got an auto generated mail which didn’t regard my question but suggested me to contact a local IBM dealer and ask for a contract quote.

ibm ds3200 storage manager software

But I don’t want that. Yes, I read that.

Just it said this download isn’t available for me since I don’t have a support contract. I don’t have such a contract. Perhaps, the best thing you should also try, is to log a call with IBM support.

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Follow the steps through out the pages until you get the chance to download the software. This is the short version of the story why I’m asking here.

ibm ds3200 storage manager software

No results were found for your search query. Feed for this topic.


You will be asked to provide the 7 digits serial number of the device. This will support all RAID levels. IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. But this was the only hint.

Precedence Technologies Wiki – Support-KB-IBM / SAN-StorageManager

You may want to try this you might need to register at IBM website. This is for a spare time project. And then again, how to get that software? Enable verification of redundant RAID data consistency before returning the requested read data back to the host. Upon occurrence of a critical event, the monitor will save the support bundle to the local hard drive of the client system in the softwxre area as used for other recovery information.

Support Bundle Collected on Critical Events.