Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Nanoprobe Records is with Timofey Reznikov and 6 others. RectangleT User 1, Sep 5, If you guys have any suggestions let me know, I hope you like it! I kind of want to listen to an uninterrupted full version of Chippin In on repeat. Check out our personal Tomorrowland chart on Beatport. AM Mad After Midnight.

interplanetary original mix west klintwood

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NobleNova User 1, Aug 29, This song is called Carry On and even though it can’t be easily deduced from the lyrics, it was inspired by MGTOW when it first got popular on youtube oritinal in For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

interplanetary original mix west klintwood

Their dark, moody and dirty electronic beats fit just perfect to the computer and electronic driven Night City It’s a Synthwave music so it would fit so well! Check out our personal Tomorrowland chart on Beatport http: Vote now for the next burn Residency DJ Superstar on https: Interplanetary has been holding strong in the Beatport dub step top 10 for a week now.

interplanetary original mix west klintwood

Think artists like Carpenter Brut, Danger, or Perturbator. I think it would be cool to hear such music in the game https: Prev 1 … Go to page.


Cyberpunk Soundtrack

I want more like that, but also for different part of the games, like exploration, with slightly different pacing. Oruginal Original Mix [Nanoprobe Records] is available for download on Beatport, the world’s largest DJ and electronic music community.

interplanetary original mix west klintwood

I came here to search for a new band There’s a mix of 80’s synth, classic rock, grunge, metal, darkwave, industrial, edm, and trance. What kind of music would you like in the game? You literally made my day, thank you so much!!

Interplanetary (Original Mix) –

Can we make it number 1? Check out our personal Tomorrowland chart on Beatport. Riven User 1, Aug 28, Hey CDPR devsfirst just wanna thank you for the gameplay trailer release – klijtwood really loved to see the immersive dark and futuristic Cyberpunk setting.

I wonder why no one ever mentioned the french electronic music duo Justice at this point? Zardonic has some great Cyberpunk sounding songs and remixes.


Class-Punk User 1, Sep 3, I totally need that outro song from the gameplay demo! I had the urge to create a Cyberpunk playlist recently. Onze plaat ‘Interplanetary’ is doorgestegen van 9 naar 6 in de Beatport dubstep Chart The explosion in global popularity has created a wealth of new stars in both mainstream and underground EDM. This song is instrumental possibly for the best and called Alien Nightclub because it was inspired by the nightclubs in the Mass Effect trilogy.


Once again, he’s incredible. Just find a great music that could be added to the game. I feel this fits well enough, idk https: Nanoprobe Records is with Timofey Reznikov and 6 others.

Cyberway User 1, Sep 3, BontaHellion User 1, Sep 3, This song is called Evidence of Cyberpunk and was my second attempt at a Cyberpunk song with vocals which had a pretty bad mic set up, sometimes I think its possibly too cheesy and cringey, other times I think its great.

The very best – coming from france!