Rx level sensitivity feature Slow setting A confirmation dialog will be shown as in Figure There is no need to reboot the box. Then redo iUAT process. After finishing iUAT program in reference mode, the installer will have to run the program again in actual mode to complete installation.

iuat ipstar

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iUAT Download – Free-to-use IPSTAR Uplink access test tool for Windows OS

Then, transmiting power is calibrated to seek for a maximum dynamic range for transmission link. If your computer already has Microsoft. No license is granted under this document. Program will start installation process.

If you did not complete the test with the reference cable you will not see this dialog box. Every processes must be followed carefully to affirm iostar the installation has been performed properly, and equipment is ready for IPSTAR service. The iUAT program will record all setting parameters and keep them for the actual cable mode installation.

iuat ipstar

Windows security alert dialog box Gateway 1 SGGW only 2. The installation is completed While you are making a mark, the timer will count 10sec.


IPSTAR E-Learning

This document is on a confidentiality basis, not to be disclosed to any person not bound by this document. Ready to ipstat the iUAT program Rx level sensitivity feature Slow setting The default IP address of the User Terminal is Try to move slowly when you’re about to pass the maximun point to the other side.

There are several additional ipstad features in this version of iUAT1. Make sure that your computer IP address is set to the same network as the User Terminal. UAT quality control dialog Step 8: Now the new frequency profile is ready for use.

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After that, polarization angle is adjusted to obtain the maximum signal level. You may need to consult with your SP to get the appropriate frequency profile. Restart the iUAT program by double clicking on iUAT icon again, the frequency profile is ijat changed to the new profile. First page of the installation wizard The objective of this step is to maximize the transmitted signal level at co-polarization and minimize the interference from the cross-polarization.


Installation, Licensing, and Activation Rb. Double click on iUAT icon again, and the iUAT program will prompt with the new dialog box for you to select whether you want to perform iUAT process with the actual cable mode or new job.

Then redo iUAT process.

iuat ipstar

In order to have better vission of the computer the screen in the different environment, user can change the color of displayed text in this step by cliking on the “Color” icon at the botton of the dialog box. Specify the installation folder ERR 7 CoPol Timeout the installer did not finish Redo the iUAT process and finish the ipstqr adjusting the polarization within adjustment within 30 30 minutes.

Load profile page 5. Support operating system Window 8 32 and bit.

With this option, installers can select the Rx level sensitivity according to their preferences. Check the terminal different subnet.