LaBrie’s voice here suffers for the first and only time in the album, but mostly because the chorus asks for more of a screamer, a yeller, than a singer, as it’s out of the reach of the Canadian’s voice range. Maybe I’m reading too hard on a simple metal track, but what can I do. Anyway each one has a high level and know to creat something intristing in this field. The style is much the same which means soft progressive metal with the emphasis on song melodies and not complex playing or intricate arrangements. All in all this is a good album, but really nothing special in my eyes and I would recommend picking up any Dream Theater album over this one at any time. Forum user Forum password. Not a landmark absolute masterpiece, but certainly a wonderful CD full of nice music.

james labrie mullmuzzler

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James Labrie is a very underrated singer and maybe is because of the same Dream Theater members aka Mike Portnoy who don’t aloud him to share ideas and participate in the musical composing, but he is a talented and dedicated singer with good ideas and very dedicated to produce good material. Mullmuzzler 2 Marquee Inc. I found that while he doesn’t contribute to music, he writes lyrics sometimes, and good ones at that.

Yes, we have to compare this with Dream Theater because it’s the same singer, and I say it can coexist very well Well, whatever the idea of a Guardian Angel means to you. It’s certainly not going to be on anyone’s “best albums of ” list, but it’s not a bad addition to the collection if you stumble across it cheap.

So the 2 Mullmuzzler is a good album with some great pieces, but i don’t think he has the power to penetrated the progressive metal scene like DT for example. It only consists of mediocre instruments tapping the soft core of LaBrie Omnipresent, it will overcome anything. The album is, for me, quite a masterpiece of short, concise, melodic, emotional songs that serve as catalysts for LaBrie to be able to display his wonderful vocal abilities.


As a whole the music is a bit diffrent than the main band of LaBrie – Dream Theater – is more prog rock than a traditional progressive metal band, with more concentration on compositions than on individual skills of musicians, that’s why all the pieces are under 7 minutes.

Not a landmark absolute masterpiece, but certainly a wonderful CD full of nice music. And last but certainly not least, I discovered that he had a wonderful solo career in Mullmuzzler, and his own name. The style is much the same which means soft progressive metal with the emphasis on song melodies and not complex playing or intricate arrangements.

james labrie mullmuzzler

From reading stuff around, I discovered that he hardly ever contributed anything to Dream Theater’s music, and was just nothing but a singer.

Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. The chorus expresses anger while the bass player amazes us in the verse with great playing.


Most of the songs are mid paced heavy rock songs though. Take a listen before you buy this or you might be disappointed.

james labrie mullmuzzler

Two years after the release of the first album, and Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie is back with his Mullmuzzler project for round two! The album and the songs has a lot of changes and different sounding and vibes, it’s great and it’s not boring at all, a little less heavier that DT and the songs are shorter and less jamfs, which is good to any “new” prog mullmuzzlwr to start digging in prog metal Mullmuzzler 2 by James LaBrie.

I also hear influences from bands like Extreme and Foreigner. The quality is high though. This is not cheese, this is not saccharine, this is prog-metal that simply talks about the emotion that really changes everybody’s life, for good or worse. I gave them a listen, and while they’re not like Dream Theater well, maybe a tiny bit, but I can definitely tell the difference they’re still amazing.


The middle section it’s not as good, and the song continues to get more absurd, if only on the jamea, for it’s really a simple rock myllmuzzler with various sections and abundant stops.

Mullmuzzler 2 – James LaBrie | Credits | AllMusic

There are really no surprises if you have already heard the debut Keep It to Yourself from Mullmuzzler which was released in The composing is mainly from keyboardist Matt Guillory and the lyrics are from Labrie and seems like his voice fit a lot more well in his solo albums. The cover art is disturbing as well haha.

The sound quality is very good even though it could have been a bit more personal, but I guess this is typical for project bands.

It’s a shame there just doesn’t seem to be any chemistry going on between them all. Instrumentally I like this one a lot.

But hey, criticisms aside, some of the songs are pretty good. Keep it to yourself is a wonderfully progressive album, it doesn’t really have any of the epic 20 minute songs or all that, but it gets the progressiveness from instrumental sections and improvisations.

With absolute objectivity, the rating would be a 4.