JKay Deluxe framework v Stay true to original design. JPKF3 is the latest. Pro — Stop smoking 3. Center clock does not look good if you have too many status bar icons! And please read the FAQ in 3rd post before posting bugs or questions!!

jkay deluxe framework apk

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Tungstwenty for the CRT fix! Can you make JKay Deluxe for it? Supercurio cuz you are the best! Chainfire for his CF kernels untermench for the ‘how to’ guide ref. It only needs a supported rom odexed or deodexed and a kernel with CWM support. For the Galaxy S3: Wow the 1st release for jkaymod.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro auf Patz 1 der First time you launch the apk you select who to call or Text. Android Apps and Games.

[MOD][ICS] JKay Deluxe framework – XWLP… | Samsung Galaxy S II I

GMD Hide Bar root 1. When it is ready!


This site uses cookies. JKay Deluxe framework The Deluxe framework modified version original android framework made by Google. Stay true to original design. The Reboot function was removed from Phone dialog as is really not needed and its available from the quick settings panel.

[MOD] Final JKay Deluxe v release fürs S3 – Seite 2

Then battery icon was choosen instead of original battery and text because then themers can then change it to their own favorite battery. Second time you launch the apk it will call or open message apk for that person. OP Retired Recognized Developer. To be used if you find the screen too bright or want to save battery.

jkay deluxe framework apk

Oliwe for how to disable double-click! This means that neither a custom kernel nor famework is required to install JKay Deluxe framework! Bug in Circle lockscreen when NextAlarm was used!

jkay deluxe framework apk

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Works in most apps. Here file within itself. Deodexed if its a deodexed custom rom deodexed are ROMs that have deluuxe been optimized so they do not have an external.


[Theme/Mod/Apk] XWLA4 – JKay Deluxe v13.6.4 – How the SGS2 should be! 2012-02-20

You need to learn Java. Deodex means that it is no longer optimized. Seite 2 von 2 Erste Oliwe for how to disable double-click!

Rootrechte und Clockworkmod Recovery. Also download the Restore file for your phone and put it onto your SD card. There is no source code!

jkay deluxe framework apk