For instance the impact of a projectile is the classic sound but afterwards comes an eerie celestial chime. The sword does look more elaborate with a richly ornamented blade that stands out among the one-colour areas identifiable in Aatrox. June 24, at Mecha Aatrox has new animations for his Q. Regardless, a skin has to take into account the design of the champion. On the whole, this is a splash art with an insipid background and straightforward portrayals. The rest, is disappointing.

justicar aatrox skin

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With Syndra her particles are clearly shown and the theme stands out at a glance.

His physique is clearly visible and the confluence of magical energy, pristine armour plus crystalline, celestial blade and wings is interesting. June 16, at July 7, at An irregular blade around a magical, even if dull-looking, jusicar gives the sword a fantastic yet fitting look that is also very eloquent about its lethality.

The sword does look more elaborate with a richly ornamented blade that stands out among the one-colour areas identifiable in Aatrox. Justicar Aatrox is interesting in concept as it presents a being of war with another interpretation. December 6, at Should we elaborate on any particular facets of the skins?


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The truth is that the setting remains too ambiguous to draw anything certain. June 23, at The result is a splash art that can be captivating despite how weak its context is; the background is mostly filler. June 24, aateox With confidence Garen stands in the middle of the scene with all his flamboyance.

Sounds mostly support the visuals with appropriate sounds.

The general appearance is different from the norm and makes Aatrox stand out as a rare kind of sea adventurer. In our view, play it safe if you have something to lose because they can always refer to said agreement which all players are supposed to follow.

justicar aatrox skin

Learn how your comment data is processed. Instead of decorated doors we have a draft of Juwticar but most is empty yellowish sky. His weapon a heavenly instrument of justice and his wings give him a higher perspective. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

justicar aatrox skin

While the aim is simple the result of Sea Hunter Aatrox is quite interesting. Nevertheless, the result is good and manages to be rather appealing. Other abilities are disappointingly simple and brief.

Justicar Aatrox :: League of Legends (LoL) Champion Skin on MOBAFire

The Prestige Edition offers few changes and even fewer which are interesting; the particles only. He transforms into his jet while flying down and transforms back into his regular form.


All in all, this is a splash art that loses personality to better present its few changes. His Justicar aesthetic has much in common with an angel, as his classic one does with a demon. Fans of the Darkin Blade will find jhsticar different to like but not a cohesive new identity.

League of Legends: Aatrox Skins’ Review – StrategyZero

Justicad concept may be merely to turn the Darkin into a pirate but the fantastic interpretation of the concept, necessary due to his nature, makes the skin stand out from the usual buccaneer. Was it a storage room or the hull of a ship?

By now, the standard is to get Prestige points by spending a lot of money, over a hundred dollars, which is ludicrous. March 30, at As a display of their look it works for the gentlemen but the lady seems unfairly relegated.

The skin aatrod its moments and during those it can be really satisfying.