I bought Quadcopter Combo Pack. The two front motors M1,2 should speed up. Light propellers gives faster response resulting in a more stable platform. David,here I explained what my problem is.. The flight-controller has a built in safety feature which disables the throttle stick.

kapteinkuk firmware 4.7

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Is the center pot used anymore for stick trim zeroing?

This step only needs to be performed once. The two back motors M3,4 should speed up. Sir I am From India.

KK Xcopter issue []

The kapteeinkuk automatically only shows softwares compatible with the controller you chose. You need two things to change the firmware of the HK KK board: Second thing you need is an adaptor. Hello David, I know you got the hoobyking as a sponsor.

kapteinkuk firmware 4.7

Choosing instead of PA usually results in errors like that. The soldered cables coming of the board are the four signal wires that plugs into your receiver. Did you choose the correct Atmega chipset when flashing? Log in to Reply. A few words before we start: The software even fetches the firmware file for you.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Choose the firmware you wish to use from the firmware drop-down list. This software is specifically made to flash KK boards and is extremely simple to use.


KK-Quad X setup guide

Checking the gyro compensations This step is to ensure that the gyros compensate in the right direction. Fail to do this calibration can result in an uncontrollable platform. Hi David, first I want to thank you for your great job, maybe you could give me some tips about a problem I been having with my boards, I have 2 kk boards from HK and 2 blackboards 5. Looks like it flashed ok. The two right motors M2,3 should speed up.

EXPO makes the middle of the stick less sensitive but keeps the throw at the end of the stick. Hey David, saw your proximity sunset video, just notice that you still using your good old kk board, but you changed the roll sensor on that board?

kapteinkuk firmware 4.7

You and your videos motivated me to build my own muticopter. The two right motors M2,3 should kqpteinkuk. That way is to use two servo extensions. Just bought one original kk board new version black oneand many are saying that the components on the original kk board are better and more sensitive that that one from hobby king, any regards about that topic?


KK Xcopter 4.7 issue

And below I have left the complete log of what is says whilst flashing… and there is no end as you discribe no matter how long I leave it. If you want to reverse the roll gyro, move the roll aileron stick — Kapteibkuk LED will flash continually to confirm your choice — Turn of the flight-controller — If more gyros needs to be reversed, turn on the flight-controller and repeat the process.

Luckily the adapter is so easy to make that anyone can do it.

Arming and disarmed the flight-controller: I tried with both the 4. Flash the firmware from repository. Cand you suggest what should I do to solve my problem? Flashing firmware from file.: